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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 20, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 20th, i'm alisyn camerota. here is what's happening at this hour, final precipitations underway as the nation gears up for the two day inaugural event and kicked off last night with a star-studded ball. we're live from d.c. with what you can expect. >> look at that, katy perry is in our open. and the gun fight in washington it it be far from over, and why some are saying the president's gun proposal will not pass a lot of democrats feel the same way. when mitt romney said jeeps
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would be produced in china, the media called it the lie of the year. guess what? it's going to be made in china. yep, jeeps are made in china. who is lying now, i ask? >> whose hand was that. you'll find out when "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> so no, no, jack, go back. >> put your camera back where it was, there you go. now, watch this, camera four, how close that is. >> alisyn: it's up in your grill? >> like somebody is in my face, like i'm a close talker. and brian, the older i get, the closer the camera gets, the better it is. >> fine. but i had lasik surgery and i can see through people and are you sure i should have x-ray
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vision. >> you can't see through clothes. >> yep, wearing a tank top t-shirt. don't have me look at ali, could be ugly. >> alisyn: i was about to say happy to work with you guys on this sunday, but it's veered off in a strange direction. >> how much time left? >> only four hours. >> good. >> we're here for a big day, a historic day. >> absolutely, the inauguration ceremonies for president obama's second term will be held tomorrow, but this morning at 11:55 eastern time what he'll take, will the president of the united states, the official oath of office, in a private ceremony at the white house. peter doocy live in washington with the latest. >> and last night was the big kids inaugural ball at walter e washington convention center just up massachusetts avenue, as for the big stars that were there, usher performed the opening act and then far east movement, the gas of "glee" and katy perry there in red, white and blu lesser-known acts like mindless behavior, and the
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crowd was about a third the size of a similar event back in 2009. last night. roughly 5,000 people showed up. four years ago, there were 14,000 people, but the crowd was mostly made up of military families and school kids from chicago and the first lady made sure to let everyone in the audience know that just because the war in afghanistan is ending does not mean that the country will stop taking care of servicemen and women and their families. >> as these wars draw to an end, and we draw down our troops, i want you all to know, absolutely, but here is the thing, i want you to know you and your families to know that we will not be drawing down our work to support you. we will be doing just the opposite. >> this specific event was obviously geared towards kids. four years ago this is the one where miley cyrus, jonas brothers and demi lovato
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performed. last night president obama did not attend he stayed at the white house, but he will be at the convention center for two official balls, and even though the crowds are smaller from four years ago, there still should be about 40,000 people from across the country in the house for his two official balls, that's monday night, back to you in new york. >> and i understand you'll be one of the people in attendance at one of the balls tomorrow night. are you going to the lady gaga. >> reporter: that's a private ball, but i'm going to the ball and wield my suitcase and my tuxedo past all the barricades and it's laying flat, i need to hang it up. >> remember, you have to return it by tuesday. >> reporter: that's right. >> alisyn: very good, we'll check back with you peter. >> thank you, peter. >> alisyn: as we approach the second inaugural event let's look back at the past four years and what the president promised at the beginning of his administration and what he was able to achieve.
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"the washington post" has broken it down nicely and some things, they give a pass or a failing grade and we'll start with the failing ones. the idea that he had promised to end all of the partisan bickering. he said he would be the post partisan president. that did not happy. >> are you sure? (laughter) that's important because that was the very foundation, five years ago when we first met him and he was running as a senator from illinois talking about hope and change. i'm going to go to washington, there's bipartisan bickering, i am he' going to end, i promise to do it, he could not do it and in fact when you take a look, there's a poll we want to show you, the attitude of the president toward congressional republicans since reelection, people feel he's actually more confrontational now since he's been elected the past four years and 30% say more bipartisan and 15% were unsure exactly why we were calling
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them. >> and by the way his approval rating was right where george w. bush's was starting hicks second turn and below bill clinton, and 51%. and he said i'm going to close gitmo, that did not work out his way and almost everybody said it would be impossible to close because we've got a problem, we have nowhere to put those people. >> he said he'd close it in the first year. >> the first thing he signed. >> absolutely. the left plank after he didn't do it the first year, he'll do it the second year and the third year and the fourth year. >> harder when he's a candidate to an achieve. the economy, they said if they passed the massive unemployment, it'd keep under 8%, it was spiked up to 10% and down to 7.8 and they say
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it's a fail. and killed osama bin laden, and passed health care, what kind of program we'll be we're only getting it now, it passed two years ago. >> alisyn: and iraq, promised to end iraq and making steps towards that as well. >> iraq and afghanistan. >> although unemployment continues to be a problem. i read this morning one more person unemployed, manti te'o's imagery girlfriend has lost her job. >> her imagery job. >> she didn't show up. >> we found out she was alive before she didn't exist. >> and people in kentucky picked up a phone and senator mitch mcconnell was calling them on the television and recorded a message sent out to about 250,000 people who live in kentucky. and who own guns who are hunters and he personally pledged as the minority leader in the u.s. senate, he will not allow the president's gun
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control measures to go through. and here is a little bit of what he said. >> alisyn: shall i read it and be mr. mcconnell. please try to use his voice. >> president obama and his team are doing everything in their power to strict your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. their efforts to restrict your rights with executive orders just plain wrong. obviously he's not a fan of the executive orders that the president signed to stem the gun violence. >> let me ask to this, this seems to be a clumsy play by the republicans, republicans aren't for it, and al franken is out with a hunting hat,'s not for it. and why does the republican have to take on the president. >> you want to hear the answer. >> why was the robo call in the great state of kentucky, mitch mcconnell they're worried that the tea party is
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going to have a candidate oppose him in the primary, since he's running for reelection cycle, so, really, what he's doing is-- >> trying to appeal to the people of kentucky. >> my problem with my point and want to hear the answer, you answered for me, i didn't want to hear the answer, i had no interest in the answer. >> i got you. >> i said rhetorical things not to be answered. >> well, 3 hours and 50 more minutes of this. >> alisyn: meanwhile, we also have the headlines to tell, but, including if you're just waking up late last night two drone strikes killed two people in yemen, including al-qaeda members, many saudi nationality and one ishmael jameel. and at least 23 hostages were killed in bp in the four day standoff and two americans are missing at this hour. the crisis ended yesterday
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when algerian army attacked the plant killing 32 militants and president obama said in a statement, this attack is another reminder of the threats posed by al-qaeda and other violent extremist groups in africa, and the president saysle' work closely with algeria to make sure it never happens again. he was sentenced to jail in part by his brother's ponzi scheme, but peter madoof, to attend a pabats mitts if a. >> stan the man musial passed away in his home saturday at age 92. musial one of the greatest hitter spent his 22 year
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career with st. louis and helped the cardinals win three championships and also baltimore orioles manager earl we ever, died at 82. he was known for explosive temper got him thrown out of over a hundred games and four american league penants and the 1974 world championship. in 1969 he did not win. >> because the new york mets won. >> he's also famous for, and i had the pleasure of meeting him and interviewing him in baltimore, he was actually thrown out-- okay thrown out of a hundred games, on three days he was tone out of both games on a double header. you have to set that and come back. >> and might spend the time in the dugout. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. disturbing scene at a political event, a man rushes out a gun at one of his leaders in bulgaria.
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tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damag >> some call this ad, the nail in the coffin for the romney campaign and one fact
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checking website called it the lie of the year. take a listen. >> obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold to italians who are going to build jeeps in china. mitt romney will fight for every american job. >> steve: okay, that was a mitt romney ad saying they were going to build jeeps in china and it was labeled a lie. now it seems the joke is on them. chrysler announced 100,000 jeeps will be made in china next year just like mitt romney said. and joining us to weigh in on this is the president of founder of less government, good morning. >> good morning, sir, how are you? >> i'm doing okay, remember mitt romney from the great state of michigan and knows a lot about the car companies, he said you know, chrysler are going to wind up making jeeps in china the left wing media explode heed. >> yeah, ne did the lie of the year for "the washington post" and turned out to be factually
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accurate. i am reminded of dan rather, the documents were false, but accurate. this was exactly what, if you'll recall, paul ryan in his vice-presidential speech and in other places pointed out that barack obama gave a speech in janesville, wisconsin gm plant and said we're going to keep this open for a hundred years with the auto bailout and they closed it started making those cars in china. i'd like to also point out that china, by the way, the media fact checkers found that to be a lie, too, they sided with obama on that and romney-ryan was correct on that as well. >> steve: sure. >> i'd like to point out that 55% of gm's increased production in china by 55% since the bailout and make seven out of ten cars outside the united states. so it's a good thing we did this 83 billion dollar auto bailout for american jobs. >> steve: sure, but you know, a big part of the president's face are auto union workers,
3:18 am
they hear, hey, they're going to ship a bunch of car manufacturing jobs out to china, oh, wait a minute, i don't like that idea. so you've got a fact checking organization that came in and said that's the lie of the year. why would a fact checking organization say something like that. you would think that they would be nonpolitical, but in fact, sometimes they are a little political. >> well, they have fact in the name so that makes it right, right? no, i don't think the fact checking movement is the latest in the unbiased journalist movement prior to 1965 didn't exist, if you remember the olden days, two papers in the town, one for one party and one for another and we created unbiased journalism to say, let's pretend to be unbiased and we're actually promoting leftism. i think the fact checkers is nor advancement of that cause and at the end of the day, they're just leftist as they always have been. >> steve: let's take a look at a quotation from the ceo, the head guy there at chrysler,
3:19 am
they say, quote, as part of our global expansion of the jeep brand there are some cars that can never be made in the united states and exported. we will keep the pillar cars of jeep in the united states, wrangler is one, jeep grand cherokee is another. if you can tell me, i cannot make-- if you tell me i cannot make a patriot somewhere else, i might as well go out of the market and from the sergio m marchionne of chrysler, just being a businessman. >> i understand that and if we look at the tax and regulato regulatory, if it's cheaper to make it in china and ship it here. that's not the company's fault, that's the government's fault. you see toyota expanding in mississippi and i think volkswagen in tennessee and what do those states have in common, oh, yes, right to work. so the problem isn't so much
3:20 am
-- it's partly the tax aof the government and the punitive costs of unions in states like michigan which has now gone right to work and see how that affects the auto industry. at the end of the day, 26.5 of the auto bailout was a direct check written to the united auto workers and the democrats 2012 in the election cycle. >> and joining us live to tell us how mitt romney is right, ironically he we find that out on the day the president is sworn in for a second term. seton, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> they've committed horrific crimes and now are asking for forgiveness and someone to love them. that story is straight ahead, and they were hand picked to sing at president obama's inauguration, we're seeing how the big choir is preparing for the big event. that's coming up. ♪
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>> time for quick headlines. strand, passengers at heathrow airports and more bad weather is expected to roll in. and the fchltf-- sec cracking down on coins, charges that it deceived buyers. the advertisements say it contained steel from ground
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zero, it did not. >> steve: final precipitatiopar as they gear up for the tomorrow's inaugural ceremony. >> brian: what to tune in for as we get set 48 hours of fun. >> good morning, guys, look, this inauguration has one heck of a sound track, they've got beyonce, kelly clarkson, james taylor, group of 200 students from a christian university in cleveland, tennessee. it was last october when lee university's president received a telephone call from senator lamar alexander, inviting the school's festival choir to perform at the inauguration. >> he didn't say, you might need -- you might need 24 hours to think this over before you answer me, i said, senator, i don't need 24 hours, the anticipate--
3:26 am
answer is yes, of course we'll provide a choir. ♪ faith is a central component to the lee university story. billy graham avenue runs right through the heart of the campus. >> our core values are christ centered excellence and by that, we mean that we believe in doing all things well and the motivating reasons for everything we do is our commitment to jesus christ. >> and on inauguration day, that faith will flavor their music. >> the music was an exciting experience, but a little challenging as well. we want to represent a lot of things as we sing. first of all, the excellence that we put forth in school music, but also, represent who we are, and who america is. >> you know, these students have been putting in extra hours to learn 30 minute's worth of music, religious songs, patriotic songs and a favorite in tennessee, the
3:27 am
chattanooga choo-choo. >> and we don't have to sing the high notes, do we? good. ♪ the chattanooga choo-choo, chattanooga ♪ >> given the climate in washington, they may be the only group singing in harmony, representing 48 states and a few foreign countries. >> this country means a lot of things, it means freedom and it means a second chance and great opportunity. >> for 18-year-old richard, the inauguration is especially significant. he's about to become a united states citizen. >> i can't even begin to express how overwhelming that is and just to be able to participate as well in the inauguration, it just fortifies the fact that i am an american and i am proud to be one. >>
3:28 am
♪ america, america ♪ >> and we have extra footage, some behind the scenes coverage of the lee university choir as they prepare for their big day, you can check that out at todd, guys. >> alisyn: todd, you are a fine singer, my friend. >> the question, don't duck it, todd, you're in the middle of the choir and a stand-up. so many times, how many times, todd did you blow it, all right, guys and say start the song again. >> oh, it took four takes, it four takes, you're killing me, singers. >> a little pitchy as randy might say on american idol. >> and pardon me boy, time to captivate your new shoes-- oops, i meant chattanooga choo-choo, you're going to hollywood, todd, very nice
3:29 am
report from tennessee. >> thanks. >> alisyn: coming up this little boy was eating in the restaurant when another customer made fun of him, if you can believe it, for having downs syndrome. wait until you hear what one of the waiters did next. >> and ever wish you had help doing the laundry? well, yeah. >> (laughter) [ dad ] find ? a. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pa down something he will be grateful for. good arm.
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point. and this week, who stayed up late to watch the oprah interview. >> sure. >> alisyn: watched it online. >> brian: so i watched it and talk to go my wife and talking about lance armstrong, what's the gist of it. basically he lied and in comes my nine-year-old daughter kaitlin. what happened? lance armstrong admitted he lied about what he did, he lied about what he did. you mean, he never went to the moon? (laughter) >> and kaitlin, that's neil armstrong. . >> steve: that's one small step for a kilmeade, one giant leap for the show. >> brian: at least she knows, right. >> alisyn: and here, there's new information this morning and i think that it does make manti seem like a true victim. there's new information that is coming out this morning about how he could be duped and apparently several people were duped by this, a very elaborate hoax of this alleged lennay kekua, an imagery
3:34 am
woman. it wasn't just manti, it was other men and a woman who were hoaxed. >> a beauty queen, miss south pacific in 2007. her name is teti, and she reported in 2008 was contacted by the same person who reportedly was the same voice that manti was duped into thinking that was his girlfriend, and the voice on the phone said, hey, i'm going to apply for the pageant that you won, miss tonga pageant what should i take and do and say, and developed a friendship and concocted a story had a she played basketball at stanford, victoria's secret model. >> alisyn: this is the point, you can text back and forth and have phone conversations without meeting people now days. do you fall in love with that person over three years. >> alisyn: yes if they sweet
3:35 am
talk you on the phone. >> brian: three years. >> alisyn: at some point i understand most people need physical contact, but it apparently happens more than we know and the rub, i think, brian, this guy, ronaiah tuiasosopo, the one behind it, he's the one with the mental condition and keeps pretending to be lennay, and who keeps tricking people. something is wrong with him. >> brian: he absolutely is-- that's what the uncle said. so manti te'o, you talked about yesterday, a two and a half hour interview and it was brilliant, i think, to have this interview with no cameras, just a recorder on espn, and basically jeremy schapp who says the report, i kind of believe him. he said i didn't go out with her straight through, i wasn't candid in saying where i met him and how i met her too embarrassed to say i never met her in picture. every time i asked to skype, i could never get the picture and only the audio and find out she was sick and never
3:36 am
occurred to him to go see her. >> but he did send her two dozen-- when she died, he sent her family two dozen white roses to the address that this tu so tuiasosopo provided him. and he went through the motions somebody he cared about died. >> that's his perspective and what he's presenting because the nfl draft is coming and he would like a big job in the national football league. a lot of people are cynical of the story because you know, she was supposedly the love of his life, he never met her face-to-face, and then, he and his father both told stories that made it seem possible, yeah, he went out to hawaii and visited her, his father said and he, manti told stories to interviewers, when we met we did this and now he's saying we never-- and even if you're right and
3:37 am
sounds like you are, alisyn, he was duped. he has to say he was flat-out wrong it wasn't her, that see didn't exist, she called back and said i faked my own death. >> steve: on december 6th. >> brian: he gave interviews after saying i lost my girlfriend. >> alisyn: when you find out you've been duped for it would have and a half, three years, i'm okay with the fact he didn't come public, i was duped, and i never had a girlfriend he had a couple of weeks to process that, i'm okay with that part of the story, that part makes sense that he was fibbing and embellishing that part and i think he was truly duped. >> brian: we still don't know who the person was, troy pal mallo, and back on the cardinals, running back on the cardinals said that he knows her, we work together, i knew her before manti knew her and then troy comes out and says i did some, i did some outreach
3:38 am
work with her in american samoa and i said to myself, wait a second, when we knew one thing she wasn't real, these guys say she's real. >> steve: and apparently according to the new york post, manti's cousin was actually involved with her for six months. >> alisyn: also duped on the phone. >> also duped. who do you believe? we'll come out with -- and now, we do know this, this is actually a good story, there's a family down in houston, they go out to a restaurant called lorenzo's for a supper, and there was a waiter there and his name, michael garcia. and there's the restaurant right there. apparently, some of his customers were seated next to a table with a small boy with downs syndrome. well, the boy was making a little noise, it wasn't out of the ordinary for little boys, making some noise, but the family seated nearby didn't like being next to the family with downs syndrome baby so they asked to move to another table, and then, at one point, one of the men at the other
3:39 am
table said shall special needs children need to be special somewhere else. and that's when the waiter said, wait a minute, i can't, i can't serve you, you're going to have to leave. and they did. >> alisyn: i mean, i don't know if it's a story about the terrible streak of human nature who would insult a boy with downs syndrome or positive, a waiting no you rely on tips stand up to another terrible, how dare you, i'm not going to serve you, this is the worst of humanity and the best of humanity and you know, everybody should take a page from that. look at that little boy, looks adorable. >> and michael garcia, that waiter that steve just referred to will be on with us at 8:50 this morning, and he's in houston. >> steve: that's right. apparently his facebook page has been inundated with friend requests and messages of support for doing the right thing. >> alisyn: that's nice.
3:40 am
meanwhile, let's go outside, to rick reichmuth. >> rick: the best of human nature winning out. always good. a take a look at the weather maps, big changes go to happen and starting to happen toward the northern plains and see the pink above minneapolis, it's zero in minneapolis, well bee he low zero in northern minnesota and get ready it's about to change. and minneapolis, enjoy it s you get the next few days, take a look what happens over the next three days, the cold snap we're talking about around the northern plains and into the great lakes and eventually to the northeast, pick your city here and look at today's temperatures. now look at tomorrow. we drop things down a little farther off towards the east and tomorrow in minneapolis, a high of minus 3, that's the coldest day that you've had in over four years. so, get ready for this. minus 10 for a high tomorrow in fargo, go to the day on tuesday, cold air slides farther up to the east and all the big cities on tuesday only getting into the 20's for high temperatures, d.c., 21. columbus, ohio, 14.
3:41 am
and those temperatures in the east are going to stick with us like that all the way through friday. get ready, get out your winter coats and do all of your outside stuff today. it's about to change. the forecast for today, guys, not looking that bad across the areas of the northeast and southeast and most of the country looking really quite dry and cool temperatures towards the northeast, but to the southeast, plenty of sunshine, we had a really rough week across the south with the rain and snow, not anymore, today you're looking good. back to you. >> brian: you're outside right now because it's 40-something. >> rick: exactly. >> steve: two days from now it will be 5. >> rick: you won't find me here. >> alisyn: i predict two hours from now we won't. thanks, rick. >> rick: you bet. >> alisyn: get your headlines, tragic ending to a utah family's camping trip, a 14 and 17-year-old are dead after being caught in an avalanche. the brothers were snowmobiling with their parents and decided to take a break. they walked about 50 feet away to a lookout over a ledge when the ledge suddenly gave way
3:42 am
and they fell 30 feet down the embankment and were buried in about three feet of snow. >> and the members told me this was for him, this was how he'd be 20 years-- >> and the seven-year-old not 17-year-old. the boys were airlifted to the hospital where they eventually passed away, brian. >> brian: a bulgarian politician survived an assassination attempt. a warning, the video may be disturbing, but nobody was hurt. the leader of bulgarian's opposition party was speaking when a gunman ran up on stage and tried to shoot him in the head. and it jammed. it wasn't an actual gun, it was one of the other guns, could have hurt, but couldn't have killed him. and it's these, i forgot the name of it. it wasn't a normal gun, but
3:43 am
from close range it could have done damage. other delegates wrestled to the ground and how courageous of that leader to try to tackle him and knock him away and he ended up falling down and the gunman was arrested. >> steve: could have been a real gun. and look out ladies, two guys attacking new york city women are on the prowl. peter brownstein who chloroform chloroformed, and another man online personals in search for lonely hearts willing to overlook violent crimes. and on the prison pen pal site friend beyond the wall, talking up the sensitive sides in a plea for friendship. >> alisyn: and let's lighten it up. take a look at the studio, doing the laundry isn't a chore when you have perfect--
3:44 am
dirty socks or shirts, whatever, this kitten leaps into the air and helps the owner do the laundry. and the video has more than 200,000 hits on youtube in a matter of days. >> steve: i think we're going to help that total. >> alisyn: fantastic. >> steve: how cute is that? >> all right, we'll continue to follow that story and see if actually does actually fall out of the basket. >> steve: well, as long as the cat is just escorting it down and not chewing on the clothes. >> brian: right, that's true. we will find out more about this. up next on the rundown, no fire, hurricane or earthquake can take down this house. we'll tell you about the home of the future. >> steve: and then having a hard time managing all of those credit cards? >> it's the credit card-- >> well, don't be when it comes to plastic. we've got the best and worst credit cards out there next. ♪
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>> as you know, reading a credit card's fine print can be confusing, especially when you know that all cards out there are not created equal. here to break down some of the best and worst credit cards is retail analyst, great to see you? >> you, too, alisyn. >> alisyn: they're not all created equal you don't have to look at the annual yield the rate, you have to look at other fine print. >> not only fine print, go into it wanting to figure out what you want out of the credit card. bonus points or lower fees or lowest interest rate. i broke it down. the three best and the three worse. >> let's start with the best. >> to the best, i love the chase sapphire preferred card,
3:49 am
it has the best bonus rewards. so if you're the type of person that likes to travelling and eat, go out to dinner. >> alisyn: i am. >> it gives you two bonus point for every dollar spent and everything else, one point for every dollar spent and it has a zero annual fee for the first year and then $95 for the next consecutive years, but bonus points start to rack up and spend them on clothes, spend them on travel and it's kind of a good system. >> alisyn: that's great. and the second best, you say is american express? >> yeah, if you're a small business, this is great. simply cash by american express opened, great for small businesses, 5% cash back on purchases for office supplies, internet services, and also, there's no limit to the cash back you can get which is great and small business users want that money coming in, that cash flow and no annual fee on that one. >> alisyn: i like that sound. the third best is the dividend card for college students? >> if you have a college age student, or if you're a college student yourself, this
3:50 am
is great because again, you get cash back on the 5%, 5% cash back on purchases for school, again, office supplies, and there's a real low interest rate on this and there's no fee and you don't need a co-signer for this card, which i guess if you're, you know, a college student and i don't recommend that you don't have a co-signer at least tell your parents if you're going to get a credit card, you don't want to go down that road. >> alisyn: let's talk about the worst credit cards, you found the doozies. >> they really are, and we're talking about the fingerhut credit card and never heard of this before. the worst one for interest rate. it's has 24.9% interest rate and it's really for people that maybe have, you know, have had a default on payments or declared bankruptcy. basically, they-- they're going to give you a limit around $300 and the kicker, they supply you a catalog with that credit card and you can only purchase items from that catalog. those items will have a, an upsale of about 28 to 50% of
3:51 am
price, versus regular items maybe you get at best buy or-- >> and just mention quickly the other two look out for that are bad. >> right. >> alisyn: the next one. matrix. >> matrix, discovered secured card, a secured card you pay the money and the reason why this is bad because they're basically earning almost 30% interest rate on money that you're giving to them. >> alisyn: and then first premier bank card you hate. >> we're talking fees galore here, $95 processing, $75 for the first year annual, if you go over your limit you're going to have to pay another $35 fees and your limit is probably only $300. >> alisyn: stay away from those. look at the best three, and thanks so much. >> yeah. >> alisyn: and all right. the president and vice-president talked about violence in hollywood and video games before the release of their gun control plan, so, why were those issues basically left out of the final proposal? and remember the zumba instructor running out of her
3:52 am
home, and details from the person coming up. ♪ for some people this is just pigskin and thread. but for most of us it represents something more. it's the time of year that we have all waited for. when we sit on the edge of our seats for four quarters. it represents players reaching a childhood dream. the biggest stage there is in sports. a time when legacies are made. where a magical play can happen every snap, and you remember exactly where you were when it does. watch every moment of super bowl xlvii live on nfl mobile. bringing the big game to you when every play matters... verizon. call star-star nfl to download nfl mobile from verizon.
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3:55 am
>> well, vice-president joe biden met with gun rights groups and safety activists and when the president laid out his gun control plan there was barely any mention of curbing the violence in movies. >> alisyn: there's more work to be done. our next guest says, no. and joining us-- >> good morning, how are you. >> alisyn: is that accurate
3:56 am
you don't think that the president has to do more about the video game industry or hollywood? >> no, i think the president actually promised that he would have a broad response. he would have broad actions, i think actually, what he did was breach that promise when you have 23 executive actions and no meaningful action regarding hollywood, and very little regarding this just stunning. hollywood is a huge campaign source and was during the the campaign. we all remember the record breaking, it was the biggest campaign event in history, 15 million dollars, the george clooney dinner and also, hollywood is one of the biggest lobbyists in washingt washington, as a matter of fact, their chief lobbyist is chris dodd from connecticut where the newtown massacre occurred.
3:57 am
so there's a cozy relationship. they're calling for a study and he asked congress to do a study on the violent video games. there are tons of studies, so many so. >> brian: yeah, i know. >> that the american academy of pediatric association and-- exposure to media violence. >> brian: absolutely at the very least, it's as debatable as anything on gun control, whether you're pro gun control or anti-gun control and this is' a debate there, a debate that's not being entertained. i couldn't believe the study and quentin tarantino's django in chains, violence that's out now. arnold schwarzenegger is here, a pretty violent movie out and stallone has one, shot in the head. >> bullet to the head. ill-timed title that is, no question about it. and look, the president has a
3:58 am
bully pulpit. i don't think there should be legislation or censorship or anything like that, but the ratings are ridiculous, i don't understand them. >> alisyn: and draw some conclusions of the studies been done. james, a media psychologist, thank you for joining us with your perspective. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices.
3:59 am
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get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 20th, i'm alisyn camerota. final prepareses where president obama and joe biden will be sworn in for a second term. we're live with the latest. >> steve: meanwhile, hello, kitty. does that look like a terrorist threat to you, that bubble machine? it got one kindergartener suspended from school. did they go too far? we report, you decide. >> brian: we know it does a body good, milk the secret to winning yourself a nobel prize. >> steve: really? >> yeah, that story is coming
4:02 am
your way. "fox & friends" according to my watch starts just about now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. great to have steve doocy and brian kilmeade in this morning. you guys got the calendar wrong. >> no, it's inauguration day, it's the two day extravaganza, sunday, monday and then the big exciting news, in an hour and a half, the vice-president gets sworn in isn't it 8:30? >> no, eight o'clock straight up. >> brian: i was waiting for 8:30. >> steve: we booked you till 8. >> brian: good. >> steve: the president's second term will begin at noon after he and joe biden both takes the official both of office. and the president is wendell goler is live at the white house. and the president is sworn in and joe biden up in his house,
4:03 am
right, wendell. >> that's right, we won't be looking at brian's watch. of the vice-president takes the oath of office about an hour from now and he and the president will head to arlington national cemetery to place a wreath at the tomb. unknown and mr. obama will take the oath of office about noon the third of four times he'll do so. the constitution require it happens at noon on on20th, since it fell on sunday, he'll do a repeat tomorrow. remember, he did a repeat four years ago because chief justin roberts flubbed the oath of office on the front steps. capital and did another one privately at the white house. yesterday, it was the kids inaugural ceremony, usher and katie per i performed and "glee" among others, and earlier the first and second families did renovation work, and the president and first lady went to a school in washington d.c., a service event mr. obama alleded to the inaugural schedule because it falls so close to martin luther king day and king's family wanted the celebration to be a day of service not a day off.
4:04 am
they say the president hopes it becomes a tradition. >> america was about, this is what we celebrate. in inauguration we're going to be -- it's a symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power, but it should also be an affirmation that we're all in this together and we've got to look out for each other and work hard on behalf of each other. >> reporter: now, tomorrow, about 800,000 people are expected on the mall for the president's second inaugural address and a much smaller crowd than the one four years ago and the weather is expected to be warmer than the 28 degrees at the first inaugural, beat the 7 degrees it was for ronald reagan's second. >> that's right. let's talk about where the president is, as he starts his second four years in office even before the gun debate is hammering his approval. 51% approval rating which is
4:05 am
really where george w. bush was, it's 19 points less than bill clinton was, but far below where he was. >> alisyn: yeah, you remember four years ago how exciting it was for the country as he was being sworn in and how much hope there was for hope and change and back then, the approval rating according to gallup was 68% and today, you know, after four years and obviously, it's harder to be a president than a hopeful candidate, it's at 48%. >> steve: you know what's interesting, about two or three weeks ago at the conclusion of december, the gallup poll number was, don't tell me, was 58%, so, closer to 60. what's happened in the last couple of weeks? well, you know, he did win that fiscal cliff thing and jacked up taxes on the most successful people in the country a campaign promise and experts say it looks as if his push to reining in gun violence has taken at least a
4:06 am
10-point toll on his gallup. >> brian: and bill clinton warned democrats, watch about marginalizing people who grew up with a gun culture because you don't grow up with guns. >> alisyn: meanwhile, "the washington post" listed what the president promised four years ago on his inaugural day and what was delivered during the course of four years and they gave him a passing or a failing and the first thing they looked at was hope and change, obviously, that catch phrase that he ran on, and whether or not he was able to stop partisanship in washington and surprisingly, he was not. in fact, you know, i think they could go further, it's obviously hard to stop republicans from being, you know, intransigent if that's what you think they are, how about your own sort of attitude and your own tone and the president wasn't the post-partisan president he promised to be. >> the first couple of days he tried to say rush limbaugh was
4:07 am
the face of the party and elections have consequences and don't forgot, i won, and nothing to debate except for deadline after deadline. >> steve: he submitted budgets, i think the senate vote it had down 97-0, so unserious. and a lot of experts on capitol hill and elsewhere, okay, second term, he wins, he'll never have to run again,'s going to reach out and's he going to be more collegial with the republicans and actually he's been more confrontational, at least that's how you feel. take a look, how do you think the president's attitude toward congressional republicans has been since reelection. more than half, 55% say he's being more confrontational. only a third say he's being more bipartisan and 15% unsure. >> alisyn: one of the other things, the post gave him at least a failing grade on, guantanamo bay. he promised from the get-go he'd close guantanamo bay and then as president barack obama was not able to close it, he
4:08 am
realized again, upon becoming the president, that you have to put people somewhere, terrorists somewhere and nobody wants them in their back yard and unable to fulfill that. >> and that dove-tailed with what eric holder want today do, bring the worst of the worst guys master-minded these, blue them to new york city, where they flew into buildings and they did not happen. and there was outcry from democrats, and mr. president-- >> and thought the president could go better on unemployment. go below 8%, 7.9%, but still listed as a fail because a lot of times, and most of the first three and a half years, four years, it was over 8% and it was as high as 10. >> steve: remember, the reason--
4:09 am
there is the unemployment. it go up and doesn't show her per se, but it was over 10%, the highest number we've got there 9.9. the reason it's important, because the president and the president's team of fiscal advisors said, if you pass this gigantic stimulus, which was going to be what, close to a trillion dollars, we will never go north of 8%. we did. >> alisyn: and by the way they do give him passing grades, particularly promises on iraq and afghanistan and said he would wind those wars down and they say he's done that. >> brian: and first, he also got bin laden. >> steve: he did. way to go. what do americans want going forward as we look at four more years of an obama-biden administration? well, a vast majority say, according to the latest fox news opinion poll. what do you think of government spending, is it managed carefully or out of control? right now 83% of you say it's out of control.
4:10 am
back in april of 2009, when they were just getting started with the stimulus, 62. so, it's gone up 21% in about the last four years. >> alisyn: i find that wording, also amusing. who thinks the government spending is being managed carefully. 11% is actually the shocking number. >> the shocking word is managed. >> alisyn: and carefully. >> a fire hose of cash. i will say the best thing the president can do for his legacy and starting to talk, i don't think that the president needs a library and now talking he wants a library maybe in chicago. talking about his legacy, most important thing he could do is tax reform and deficit control. if he could put those two things together, that'd be bigger than health care. >> steve: you know what? if he were to work with the republicans talking reform-- >> i think that's a lock for next year. >> steve: well, he wants to do something about it. some republicans want to do something about it, remember last time with health care,
4:11 am
the republicans had a bunch of ideas and the democrats shut them out completely. maybe this time bipartisan. >> brian: that's not the harry reid i know. >> alisyn: let's get to other stories in the headlines, late last noos night, two drones strikes, at least three of the bodies were burned beyond recognition. the death toll could rise in the hostage crisis at a gas plant in algeria. many were killed including one american. two americans are still missing and the crisis ended yesterday when the algerian army attacked the plant killing two militants. president obama said this is attack is another reminder of the threat posed by al-qaeda and other violent extremist groups in north africa. and the president says he'll work closely with algeria to make sure this does not happen again. brand new details in the prostitution scandal at the
4:12 am
zumba dance studio. a 57-year-old married man accused of bank rolling the oranges a organization and speaks out denies knowing about the so-called brothel run by alexis wright, but admits to co-signing a loan. >> never became romantic. we did have intimate moments, but it's not what i would consider romantic. >> and i'm confused about the difference. >> want to explain. >> when it involves money. >> brian: i'm going to reread my issue of glamour and find out if there is with a difference. >> alisyn: her alleged client list 150 men, some well-known around town and those are your headlines. >> steve: okay, not too long ago out in mt. carmel, pennsylvania, we'll tell you a little how a girl was talking to another girl while waiting for the bus and involved a hello kitty paint gun. >> alisyn: bubble gun. >> steve: you're not going to believe what happened to the
4:13 am
kid. >> alisyn: they were five years old. >> they were five. >> alisyn: more on that and also, who can forget this moment? >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> alisyn: and on this inaugural weekend we'll take a look back at some of the most memorable speeches given by past leaders of the country. >> and this is a decades old cold case? that story next. ♪ ♪ recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> in just a little over 24 hours from right now, president obama will become only the 7th president since the dawn of the 20th century to deliver a second inaugural he address. here is take us through some of the most memorable-- >> good morning. >> steve: technically by statute the president will be sworn in in the blue room before noon, but the speech to the capitol, that's what people go to see and what really makes history, right? >> it does. the inaugural is a rare opportunity for the president to actually put aside
4:17 am
partisanship and make a speech for the ages. we've seen over the years, a couple of great speeches. most americans can only remember a few, but four or five that stand out in history. >> steve: let's start with the first one you have noted for us, involves franklin delano roosevelt. >> let's listen. >> my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into-- >> and that's interesting, because there was 1933 at the depression was on everybody's mind and everybody was afraid, so, what does he talk about? fear. >> it's a great speech in the sense he didn't get into policy prescriptions, he wasn't going to say i'm going to do this or i'm going to do that. or i have a 20-point plan. he spent the whole speech
4:18 am
talking about the fact we need to get a steely resolve and see it through and talked about fear and said that's the only thing to fear, it's not about the future, we're going to be fine. one of the classics. >> steve: meanwhile, let's take a look at john f. kennedy's inaugural back in the '60s. >> our country and all who serve it, and the globe from that-- and truly like the world and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. and that was fantastic. >> it was. it's probably the single most memorable and quotable line in american presidential history and again, what's interesting, like fdr, the back drop for that speech was the cold war and we were actually losing it. we had lost in the space race early on to the soviets and feeling a bit demoralized and he was saying it's service to
4:19 am
the country. >> steve: do we know who writes the speeches? is it general the white house speech shop that does that or did the president write this himself. >> the kennedy speech, and ted sorenson his long time speech writer often asked that and his line was did you write that speech? he would say ask not dot-dot-dot. the presidents like to put their own words to paper and suspect that president obama, too, will have a big hand in crafting it. >> steve: did he just mention reagan? >> he did. >> steve: here is the gipper. >> we as americans have the capacity now as we've had in the past to do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom. in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. >> steve: very famous as well.
4:20 am
>> it is. that line was so telling because there's such a departure from the carter years and even ford and nixon before it. it was the culmination of really, 20 years of conservative philosophy starting with barry goldwater and set the tone for the reagan presidency, it wasn't about government, it was about people and about winning the cold war. >> steve: sure, and the speech that the president of the united states is going to give tomorrow. we understand he's been walking around with a yellow legal pad and making notes and only thing i've heard per se, i want to hear what you heard, it's going to be shorter than the last one. what do you hear about the president is going to intend to say tomorrow. >> yeah, it's short letter. most second inaugural speeches are shorter. lincoln's second was short and washington's, i think it's shorter, more concise and the president, if he wants to create a memorable inaugural needs one or two things. it's not a state of the union, not a laundry list, it's one or two themes, if he talked about fixing the broken
4:21 am
politics in washington, which we know is hackneyed and needs repair or long-term entitlement reform, one or two big things and stuck with that, i think that'd be better off than creating a laundry list of stuff. >> steve: sure, the laundry list comes with the state of the union and you and everybody else will see the president take the oath, the ceremonial oath and speech at noon on fox. thanks steve. >> steve: you bet. a group overcome treacherous seas to victory in one of the world's most dangerous races. modeled for success. it does a body good. and also the secret to winning yourself a nobel peace prize? sign us up! ♪
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4:25 am
>> all right. it's one of the most dangerous ocean races around. sailing from sydney, australia to taz mania, in 1998 a group of amateur sailors overcame hurricane winds and monstrous waves to push it victory. the story of triumph and survival provides lessons in teammate. the author of "into the storm" lessons in teamwork. and dennis perkins, welcome. you weren't at this race. >> i wasn't at this one, i did another one, but wasn't there in '98. >> brian: first off, you have a smaller vessel than most, a huge storm and somebody said go around the storm and did. these guys went into it.
4:26 am
and why did that work? what did we learn from that? >> what we learned from that, here you have a group of people who are in a small boat and the temptation is to turn around and run for safety. testify, but they realized if that happened they could easily be rolled as some other boats were. so they huddled and thought about it together and decided we need to sail into the storm even though it means hundreds of miles. >> brian: and the 80 foot waves, i'm going around it. but here we go. some of the lessons you boiled down to in the book, number one put team unity first, make the team the rock star. can't be about one person. >> absolutely. some professional boats have rock stars come in, they're sort of prima donnas and everything works around them and the midnight rambler, i was there for the start of the race and i saw the skipper sponging the bottom of the boat to clean it off.
4:27 am
and everyone pitches in. >> brian: where is the leadership? sometimes in a group like that, you need leadership, somebody to take the helm, but you're saying everyone is equal. >> everyone is equal in terms of pitching in, however, the skipper sets the stage and the passion, but there's a collaboration and would i call distributed leadership. so, it doesn't mean it's a democracy, but the leadership roles are spread around. >> brian: dennis, you say take calculated risks like into the storm. >> absolutely. they were thinking what should we do. they saw other boats sliding down the faces of the big waves and even though it feels more dangerous, the right thing for us to do. >> on a simpler level. a stack of bills, how am i going to pay them? instead. dive in and make the calls and what you can do. >> exactly. >> master the art of rapid recovery, don't beat up on yourself if you make a
4:28 am
mistake, right? >> absolutely. in ocean races, boats are going over and in life encounter problems. and the art form the ability to emergency, one minute you're in the water and swimming for your life and the boat is knocked over and the next minute you're back at your station racing and that was the art form that they developed. >> and also, if you're afraid to make a mistake and a wrong decision, you're paralyzed by wrong decision, make a decision knowing the worst comes to worse, make a decision and get out of it. >> the final one, it's in the book, never give up, there's always another move. >> okay, this is a theme that runs through the survival stories i've studied. looking at problems that may seem insoluable unthe conditions least conducive to creativity and say, hey, we can fix this. this is a winning scenarioen we can find the answer working together. there's always another move. >> do you believe there is he' always an answer? >> i believe. >> there's always an own to every problem? >> i believe there's always an
4:29 am
answer or at least the mindset is the one that enables you to overcome enormous odds. >> the name of the book out now, lessons in teamwork, you're the author of into the storm. thanks so much for joining us, dennis, hopefully people picked up something who never had any interest in going into the ocean, or going into an 80-foot wave. i know i don't. thanks so much. great meeting you. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. manti te'o may not be alone in his online hoax scandal. the other person who got duped next. and hello kitty. does this look like a terrorist threat to you? is got one kindergartener suspended from school and a half day of school. did they go too far? we report, you decide. some others make bubbles. ♪
4:30 am
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but for most of us it represents something more. it's the time of year that we have all waited for. when we sit on the edge of our seats for four quarters.
4:32 am
it represents players reaching a childhood dream. the biggest stage there is in sports. a time when legacies are made. where a magical play can happen every snap, and you remember exactly where you were when it does. watch every moment of super bowl xlvii live on nfl mobile. bringing the big game to you when every play matters... verizon. call star-star nfl to download nfl mobile from verizon. >> now it's time for your shot of the morning.
4:33 am
the cover of news week magazine, calling president obama the second coming. i thought there was-- >> the digital version. >> brian: the daily beast? a lot of people angry over the latest reference calling the cover questionable and creepy. >> alisyn: i'm seeing the sub title. >> steve: america expects and can he deliver. >> alisyn: not the first time they talked about this, and the 2012 cover as well. >> do you know a teenager girl who might be fascinated with justin bieber, writes him fan letters, to be expected with 13, 14 girls. >> selena gomez understands that. >> broke up, sad, a fox news flash later on today. get this, speaking of fan letters, there is a guy who has written 1,460 fan letters,
4:34 am
essentially, to the president of the united states. this guy's name is tom forman and he is an anchor and a reporter at cnn, for example. >> alisyn: well, okay. and brian gives me the segue. you're making it sound a little more hello, god, are you there, it's me, margaret. >> steve: did you read the letter. >> alisyn: i read the first one and how he describes some of the 1400 letters, he wrote one every single day of the president's administration. and he says, they're not as fn letters, but having a conversation and the president invited the american public to communicate with him and tom took him literally. mr. president, congratulations, watches you on the podium surrounded by hundreds of thousands of americans i could not help, but be inspired by the miracle of democracy and greatness of our nation, and a question for
4:35 am
ny idea what you've gotten yourself into. i know you're busy today, but call when you can, regards, tom. >> every single letter. all of the letters signed off with call when you can. it's kind of weird na a reporter is writing to the president of the united states and expecting a call. >> yeah. >> but maybe, tom, after the first thousand times you wrote, and he didn't call, maybe you could have left that part off? >> he's just not that into you, just saying. it's an interesting exercise, he says he had to come up with something to talk to the president about in the letter every single day and didn't take a day off for holidays and weekends, sometimes about afghanistan, sometimes about the economy. when he couldn't think about, the hassle with putting up christmas lights. no way on earth the president read a single line. >> brian: you're kind, that's way over the line. >> alisyn: it's an interesting exercise. >> jumping jacks is an exercise or on the treadmill.
4:36 am
most members of the mainstream lead yeah don't write directly to the president, their fan letters are on the air. >> brian: that's true. let's talk about something less controversial, more predictable, the invisible girlfriend of notre dame linebacker manti te'o, he sat down for two and a half hours, without cameras, he doesn't want it for infamy, he sat down and told his side of the story and makes a lot more sense from his perspective. i still can't see it, but i understand at least his point of view now and find out other people caught in the lennay web of the woman who didn't exist portrayed as if she did exist, including a beauty queen who was direct messaged on twitter and also was reached out to. and next thing you know, she had a conversation she thought with lennay and relationship and asking each other advice. this is all seemingly from the
4:37 am
same guy that duped manti te'o. >> alisyn: his name is ronaiah something like that, tuiasosopo. if you commit a crime, have a you be pronounceable last name and makes it harder. he duped this beauty queen into a friendship. they had a friendship, traded tips and ronaiah tuiasosopo last night. but anyway, he is the one who clearly had an issue and what he was trying to do with the beauty queen was set himself with the beauty queen when went to meet lennay, there he was and trying to score a date with this beauty queen. >> it seems like he has, this fella who concocted this hoax and we don't know for sure if, you know, manti was ever in on it or realized it, or what, but the guy seems to have a lot of time on his hands. may i suggest if you're
4:38 am
watching right now, write a letter to the president of the united states. and write 1,460 over the next four years. >> alisyn: from lennay kekua. >> and he did audition for the voice, and-- >> it does make it seem like manti was not in on the hoax. >> for a smart guy at notre dame, and wants to skype and be blank and get the voice. >> alisyn: all of it is strange, but other people are tricked. >> steve: my children take pictures of their food and send pictures of their food to their friends, but the supposed girlfriend not to have updated a picture in thee years. >> and mack and cheese again. >> alisyn: and where was first
4:39 am
lady michelle obama last night? kicking off at the star-studded kids inaugural concert and peter doocy with the details. >> reporter: i hope i'm not coming up empty handed since i don't have a picture of the scone i just ate for breakfast. yesterday's dinner, something wrong. >> i can forward to you yesterday's dinner, brian, but last night was the big kids inaugural ball at the washington e-- rather, walter e convention center just up the street, just up massachusetts avenue. as for the big stars, katie perry was the headliner, usher performed the opening act, the far east movement was there as well. katie perry you see on the screen in a patriotic red, white and blue outfit and some other performers included the soul children of chicago, a cover of come together by the beatles and a special appearance by washington,
4:40 am
jefferson, lincoln, roosevelt normally only seen at nationals ballpark in the spring and ran through the convention center, it's still 24 days before the pitchers and catchers report for spring training and 2009 the crowd at the event was small. 14,000 people turned out four years ago to see miley cyrus and the jonas brothers at the event. last night only about 5,000 in the crowd. mostly military families and school kids from-- or rather, from d.c. and the first lady made sure that they all knew they were still be on her husband's mind even after the war in afghanistan ends. >> as these wars draw to an end, and we draw down our troops, i want you all to know, absolutely, but here is the thing, i want you to know you and your families to know that we will not be drawing down our work to support you. we will be doing just the opposite. >> if all goes according to
4:41 am
plan, the vice-president joe biden will take the oath of office for his second term about 30 minutes from now, at the naval observatory and president obama will take his oath of office officially four house and ten minutes from now. back to you in new york. >> all right, peter doocy joining us after scones in the bureau. >> thank you very much. >> steve: reportedly. >> brian: until i see the shot, i don't believe it. >> alisyn: we'll bring you live joe biden being sworn in and pointed out, it often doesn't go according to plan with joe biden and want to stick around for that live. >> how about joe biden at the iowa state pre inaugural activities saidam proud to be the president of the united states. >> alisyn: didn't he say that last time. >> and there they'll be on at the capitol building tomorrow. >> alisyn: the excitement starts at 8. a tragic ending to a utah family's camping trip.
4:42 am
two brothers are dead after being caught in an avalanche and the family had been snowmobiling when three of the children were swept away. but one ended up surviving, but their 14 and 7-year-old sons got buried in more than three feet of snow . >> one of the church rescue members told me, for him, this was the call he'd been dreading for 20 years. >> after 30 minutes the boys dad did find them and dig them out, but they were then airlifted to a local hospital and they eventually passed away. >> and meanwhile, we're telling you, a five-year-old girl in pennsylvania suspended and labeled a terror threat for telling a friend she was going to shoot her with this, a hello kitty toy gun that shoots bubbles. the alleged altercation happened at the bus stop and the two kids were talking and the kindergartener didn't have the toy with her, but one of the school peace questioned
4:43 am
her for 30 minutes without a parent in attendance and she was suspended for ten days. and what's the trick to a nobel peace prize, milk. the countries that drink the most milk have the highest number of milk consumption. it could be a promotion for milk. >> have we verified this? >> that's what i say. i think that people want to sell milk that make milk. >> steve: good case. >> brian: if you're looking to get more.for squeezing another, this is the story you want to build on. >> alisyn: well, an udder what? that's good. >> brian: and we'll have kids coming up, it seems the kids raised out in the country are healthier than kids in the city. >> alisyn: let's see if he's a noble laureate. >> steve: the guy showing up today. >> alisyn: the final four
4:44 am
today, what it takes to make it to the super bowl. rich "big daddy" joins us on the football coach for a preview next. >> steve: we better move over. >> alisyn: you better. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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4:47 am
>> 45 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines, not just a work of art, this sculpture might help solve a murder mystery. this is on display in maryland, museum, a sculpture of an unidentified man murdered near a state highway nearly two decades ago. the forensic artist made the life-like rendering and police are hoping someone will recognize it and help them crack this cold case. and a florida company says it's come up with the home of the future, with walls made of thick sire foam, resin and cyber glass and the building cannot burn down or be shocked down by a natural disaster. >> terrific. >> brian: it all comes down today. this afternoon, the four teams left in the nfl face off to find out who goes to the super
4:48 am
bowl, steve. >> steve: so which team is going to take the nfc championship and who will be the afc champion, joining us now with picks from coastal advisors our buddy richard "big daddy". good morning. >> good morning, guys, how are you. >> steve: we're okay. >> brian: first, start off at three o'clock where you are today. san francisco against atlanta. atlanta first time he they won a playoff game since the early 50's, excuse me, they went to the super bowl themselves, so, what do you say 49ers have equally frustrated on the road in championship games. how do you see this playing out? >> i think, you know what? san francisco is a great team, but atlanta last week learned how to get over the hump and come back and make it happen. >> steve: so you think it's going to be atlanta? >> i think it's going to be atlanta. i'm a sentimentalist, and tony
4:49 am
gonzalez is there and i don't get into picking games, but go falcons. >> brian: you just did, rich. >> i know i did. >> steve: you're picking atlanta. >> we booked you and-- >> he doesn't want trouble at the airport and the game tonight at 6:30, it's going to be the ravens versus patriots. who do you like there? >> i like the ravens. >> you like the ravens. >> another sentimental choice. >> why that? because tom brady does almost as poorly against the ravens as he does against the giants? >> no, i just, i'm going with the sentimental tune, ray lewis after what happened with them last week, they keep the momentum going. >> brian: it seems like the whole world is picking san francisco versus new england and you're picking the other guys. >> yeah, why not? dare to be different. >> all right, good. and find out what happens and two highly rated games in a wild super bowl in new orleans regardless where strahan and
4:50 am
bill parcells are both on the hall of fame list and those are your good friends. >> those are my guys. >> brian: manti te'o, a word about him. supposed to be a first round draft picks, so many years, you know the combines, what are the coaches and the evaluators going to be looking at with him psychologically with the invisible girlfriends. >> i would tell you i would not want to be him with all the interviews and debriefing, you would think he was attacking the white house with the media. i mean, the media is not going to be on him, but all the coaches and gm's and all at that, but-- >> they gave him the find out their knowledge how smart they are. they care about what's in the head as well as the body. >> oh, absolutely. they want to know everything going on. they want to know where his heart is. all of these things, they're going from a to z checklist and go through some heavy, heavy answering questions
4:51 am
being asked. >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk about something, there's been a brand new hockey rink and dedicated for charity. tell us about it. >> well, it's the ferraro brothers twin rinks facility and brian, you know this area well in eisenhower park, we're bringing hockey to all the kids in long island that normally like the ferraro he twins m to go elsewhere to go and get quality hockey, quality coaching, well now you can he see in the picture there, the two trferraro twins and we owe a lot to the chairman ed mangaro for making it happen. you can see the hockey sticks and the shovels. we're all excited and it's a brand new building, first class. >> steve: very nice, big daddy joining us from atlanta. as you go to the airport, he
4:52 am
loves your team and let him pass, first class or something. >> i'll see you in new orleans, brian. >> brian: that will be good, rich, expect to see you there. the nfl experience. >> absolutely, okay. >> brian: rich thanks so much. >> thanks, guys, good seeing you. >> brian: want to stay healthy? go to the barn. details ahead.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> all right. half of us in the united states it seems like are sneezing and wheezing from the colds and flu and the other half seems to be okay. >> right. if you're wheezing, try to keep it down because other people are trying to listen to this segment. turns out a lot of research that the best medicine of modern health could be as close as the barn or the shed. third generation cattle farmer, senior agriculture business at north carolina university, rosie joins us
4:56 am
right now. how are people on the farm open to all the germs suddenly less sick than most everybody else? >> hi, well, we-- >> what did i say? >> we work hard on the farm. we worked hard on the farm going out every morning and thinking of the cattle before us, typically and we're very active outside. >> sure. >> not sitening front of the television, you know, how a lot of other children do. and we're out there and we're feeding animals and taking care of them and thinking about them first a lot with mental health and also, we're physically active. >> you know, rossie, there are a couple of sites for folks, first of all, if you live on the farm four times, families are four times less likely to have asthma, also, apparently four times less likely to have hay fever and, if you're pokes posed to that stuff all the time. when you're out there, bailing hay when i was growing up.
4:57 am
when you're around the stuff all the time. it would make sense, essentially you wind up not being affected by it it if you're lucky. >> right. and there's tons of good bacteria and bad bacteria. and being on the farm, you know, we're around a lot of different things that people in the normal society don't get to be around. so, and also, i show cattle so i get to go around the country and be with different people from all over the united states, so i'm getting introduced to a lot of the other outside factors that my school friends didn't get exposed to. >> brian: and when you have purell and use it constantly, that would be great, but you're not building up the immunity to fight the flu bug that might be out there. >> right, exactly right. and you know, we get our hands dirty and go out there to the barn every day, we're playing in the dirt and we're coming inside, wash our hands and eat some lunch. so, yeah, we get a lot of the different environmental factors that aren't normal for
4:58 am
others. >> thanks for cleaning up for us, rossie. >> thank you so much. >> farm families turn out healthier. very good and she joins us from our d.c. bureau. >> brian: more "fox & friends" in two minutes and you won't believe what ali has for the last two hours. >> steve: joe biden is getting sworn in. right back. i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ sigh of relief ] as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>> good morning, everyone. it's sunday, january 20th, i'm alisyn camerota. what's happening at this hour, the inauguration festivitying kicking off in our nation's capital. and right now we're awaiting the swearing in for vice-president joe biden and we will have the details. >> brian: could be one of the strangest sports story of all time. and more people coming forward, saying they were also duped by the same guy pretending to be the same woman. where does the linebacker go from here? i'm so confused. >> here is a gift for you, don't mess with the waiters
5:02 am
from texas. praise pouring in after a waiter denied service to customers for comments about a special needs kid. and that is coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, exciting to have you guys with me today on this exciting and historic day. it's exciting to see the festivities starting in washington d.c. for the, not really changing of the guard, but for, you know, such a historic event. >> it is, and in fact, there you're looking at live pictures from the u.s. naval observatory, the official residence of the vice-president of the united states. the festivities there, where joe biden can be sworn in shortly by sonya sotomayor from the supreme court, and they're ten minutes late. there are going to be ten or so family members from the
5:03 am
biden family in attendance and about 120 other invited guests at that, which starts, within about the next ten minutes. >> ed henry, so much has changed the last four years, you're with us, that's the biggest news, that's good. >> alisyn: and that's a fox news alert. >> and ed henry still with us. but how do you describe the feeling then and now? >> reporter: well, look, there's no question that the crowds are a lot smaller than they were four years ago, it's a little warmer than four years ago, i will say in the air and certainly in temperatures of temperature, but certainly the obama administration that hopes maybe coming out of some of the celebration still in the air here they'll start or try to bring the country together. you mentioned that vice-president biden will be going first, in just a few moments, justice sonia sotomayor will swear him in and he and the president will be at arlington national cemetery laying a wreath at the tomb of unknown and in the
5:04 am
blue room hine me on the aren't side because the constitution says he needs to be sworn in on january 20th and the ceremonial stuff will happen on the capitol west front tomorrow. some of the celebration started yesterday, a children's inaugural ball the first lady went to along with dr. jill biden and trying to get folks involved this and also the president and first lady participating in a day of service, they participated in a project here, service project here in washington d.c. and they had a lot of cabinet members, the vice-president and others doing that as well and when the president had a chance to speak, he made it clear that he hopes that the festivities today and tomorrow will help bring the country together. take a listen. >> this is really what america is about. this is what we celebrate. this inauguration we're going to be -- it's a symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power, but it should also be an affirmation that we're all in
5:05 am
this together and got to look out for each other and work hard on behalf of each other. >> now, obviously in the last week or so, we've heard the president get ready for the beginning of this second term in office with a bit of a more aggressive tone on issues like gun control. i'm told that he's been through several drafts of the inaugural address that will come tomorrow of course, after the ceremonial swearing in, the official swearing in today at the white house and they've got two big themes in that speech tomorrow. one about not just bringing the country together, but secondly, trying to urge citizens across the country to stay engaged in the political process, we're told he's not getting into heavy policy details, but state of the union when he goes back up to capitol hill to layout what his second term agenda will be. >> let me ask you, i read some accounts why they have to do it twice, but why do they do it today and then tomorrow for the vice-president and the president? >> the constitution says they need to be sworn in today. and so, and my understanding is that it's set up so that
5:06 am
you don't do these big ceremonial events on a sunday. that's supposed to happen on a monday, and so, that's why they're going to do it again and let's not forget four years ago, the president went through it as well. a slip-up with chief justice roberts and i'm sure everybody is rehearsing and making sure this time around. >> i was encouraged to see the republicans on a retreat, seemed to have offered the president something he might actually embrace and that's some type of deal on not slamming-- or raising the debt ceiling, just the tone, jay carney saying he's encouraged and the republicans trying to beat a deadline and things might be different. >> sure, i don't think anyone in this town is under any illusion, and magically the republicans and democrats are coming together and solve all of these big problems and singing kumbayah. but there are a host of things where they want to come together and find some common ground and the debt ceiling might be one of them, but the republicans have some caveats to that and want to make sure
5:07 am
that the senate democrats pass a budget. something they haven't done in the last four years and put some heat on the democrats right there. even as both sides are talking about coming together on some of this, there's going to be an edge to it as well. let's not forget the president is still dealing with high unemployment. and wants to focus on gun control, immigration reform and get those done in the second term and still got things left over from the first term. stubbornly high unemployment said he's going to cut the budget deficit in half that did not happen. stuff left over from the first term and second term stuff he wants to tackle and bitterness on both sides how the last four years played out and this weekend gives him a chance to maybe restart things. >> alisyn: and we're watching in washington, the attendees filter in from the vice-president vice-president's. >> and they were at mass ap they'll be using the bible family bible, when joe biden is sworn in, he's used at every one of his swearing in
5:08 am
and it's been in the family since 1893. so this is a historic day for them as well, obviously. >> and pretty remarkable and of course, remember when you're referring back to his days in the u.s. senate, first elected back in 1972 and severed several terms in the u.s. senate and this bible has gotten some use and point out that vice-president biden is hoping this is not the last time the biden family bible is used for a swearing in. he may be one of those candidates four years from now, running for the big job. a lot is going to happen between now and 2016. we'll see whether or not he's one of the contenders then, but i bet while they're celebrating today, this is' thought and hoping to bring that bible back out. >> no doubt about it. he's made it clear he wants to run. >> and ed henry on the north lawn of the white house and the president sworn in around noon today you'll see that live and of course we're going to talk to the observatory and see joe biden take the oath of
5:09 am
office. thank you very much. >> alisyn: and other stories making headlines yemen military officials say eight people have been killed in two suspected u.s. drone attacks late last night and two men reportedly members of al-qaeda one identified as ben-jameel. and at least three of the bodies were burned beyond recognition. and algerian officials say more bodies have been found inside that bp gas plant. at these 23 hostages were killed including one american during that four-day standoff with terrorists there. two americans are still missing at this hour. the crisis ended when the algerian army attacked the plant, killing 32 militants and president obama said in a statement, quote, this attack is another reminder of the threat posed by al-qaeda and other violent extremist groups in north africa. the president says he'll work closely with algeria to make sure that never happens again. and seven to seven to ten years for his part in his brother's ponzi scheme.
5:10 am
and peter madeoff, a judge allowed him to put off going to jail until february 6th to attend the fancy bat mitzvah of his granddaughter. and the celebration continuing today at an expensive manhattan spot 404 nyc. >> brian: it's a sad day for baseball and sports. stan the man musial of the st. louis cardinals passed away at his home in missouri on saturday the age of 92. one of the greatest hitters of all time. iron man, spent his 22 year career as a red bird and helped the cardinals win three world series title and long time baltimore orioles manager we ever, scream at steve in-- >> and the cause not known now, but he was known for his temper which got him thrown out of nearly 100 games all of which on purpose. and led the team to four american league penants and
5:11 am
the world series title. congratulations on a great career, great life and had fun arguing with underwear model and outstanding pitcher jim palmer. >> that's right, indeed. loved him down in baltimore. meanwhile, we're waiting, in just moments we're going to take you to washington d.c. the reason we're here today, it's history. that's the-- >> the reason we're here, hopped into an automatic, ot neighbors would have gotten pitchforks and driven us out of the neighborhood. >> and it will happen in moments, justice sonya sotomayor will preside and that's in minutes. another battle up on capitol hill and that's we know a couple of days ago the president of the united states took to the airwaves to push his measures to control gun violence, including big magazines, automatic weapons
5:12 am
ban, and universal background checks. and now we understand it's probably going to start any legislation in the senate, but there's going to be a problem on the republican side. >> alisyn: yeah, senator mcconnell, mr. mcconnell says he's not pleased with much of what the president is planning so he sent to recorded message to his supporters in kentucky, president obama and others are doing everything to restrict your power to keep and bear arms, and the executive orders is just plain wrong and exactly which of the 23 executive orders that he doesn't like, but as you pointed out, he might, he's up for reelection. >> in a block, the block. >> alisyn: appeal to his decision. >> and the problem with the approach. if you approached it and got some republican leadership after the tragedy in newtown, they would have agreed on expanding background checks and agreed on some of the stuff maybe making the penalties greater for those
5:13 am
who illegally have guns and security those guns and a lot of the stuff could have been done behind closed doors and better chance-- >> that's what i thought the vice-president was doing, when he had a listening week and met with the n.r.a. and the video gamers. >> steve: over a hundred groups. >> alisyn: and approved what i hoped was happening was he was saying to every one of them. obviously you're going to have to give something, where is the concession you can give. you, next group, what can you give, and that's how they were going to put together the measures, but it it sounds like that's not exactly how the process works. >> the n.r.a. is on board with a part of it. and say that the president's initiative to go ahead and enforce the laws on the books, they've been pushing for that all along and they like that and plus, it was a couple of weeks ago, where wayne lapierre was excoriated on the airwaves for saying how dare him coming out and saying we should have more police officers or armed personnel in the schools. and now the president of the united states, in his
5:14 am
initiatives have suggested that as well to put some more school resource people in the schools. so, that goes along with the nra as well. >> brian: right now we're waiting for the swearing-in ceremony nor vice-president joe biden to get underway, they're running a little late and we'll bring it to you live when it happens, even if you're in the middle of at pocket chair ad. does this look like a threat? a five-year-old suspended fr kindergarten because of this? we report you decide. >> looks like a hair dryer. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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5:17 am
>> got a fox news alert. moments from right now, vice-president joe biden will be officially sworn this for a second term as vice-president of these united states. >> brian: and bret baier who scrambled on a day like us a storied day in washington. he's got details. good morning, bret, what's the feeling in the big town? >> well, you know, first of all, it's shut down. so there's not a lot by the capitol, but it is exciting. it is a part of a moment in history where when everybody comes together for inauguration, it is something that people watch around the world as, you know, the country votes. the interest thing about this is obviously you talked about it with ed, this is happening on a sunday, just to fill in the blanks here.
5:18 am
the swearing in happened on march 4th before 1933 and then the 20th amendment to the constitution was passed to move it to january 20th. they decided it doesn't happen on a sunday, so they-- anytime it happened on a sunday they moved it to the monday. it's happened seven times on mondays, seven times on sundays and last time was ronald reagan sworn in privately at the white house. now, the reason the vice-president is sworn in this morning is because, according to the vice-president's office, there was a scheduling conflict with justice sotomayor and they tried to accommodate her schedule. now, according to the l.a. times, now, the supreme court would not respond to a question about where sotomayor will be. but the barnes & noble store in union square and new york city will be talking about her new memoir today at 2:30 and copies. >> and move joe biden's swearing in for a signing at
5:19 am
barnes & noble? >> they moved the swearing in to accommodate her schedule. >> and we should mention he specifically requested her and want today make it work with her schedule and she is, this today what we're about to see in about 50 seconds is the first administering of an oath of office boy a hispanic person. so another historic moment. >> that's exactly right. and it is a moment for her, obviously, and she will administer it publicly tomorrow, but the schedule was changed to accommodate her schedule today. all right, i think it's time for us to go down to the naval observatory. a prayer led by father kevin o'brien by georgetown university and then the actual swearing in there's vice-president joe biden and dr. biden taking the stage. [applause]
5:20 am
[applause] >> the vice-president has asked that we bless this occasion with prayer and so let us pray. the prophet micah pro claims you have been told, oh, mortal, what is good and what the lord requires of you, only to do justice and to love goodness and to walk humbly with your god. gracious god at this moment in our history we ask your blessing on your servant joseph as he renews his sacrifice to his country and that all the complexities of our world, a world so beautiful, but also broken give him a share of your wisdom so that he can know
5:21 am
what is good and give him the courage to always do what is right. walk close by him so that he can do justice and to labor tirelessly for more a more just and gentle world. empower him to be a voice for those without a voice, for those on the margins, those so easily overlooked, for you will judge us all by how we care for the least among us. continue to give him the humility and call on him in times of need and with the gift of faith given to him by his church and his family, help him to always know of your presence. lord, protect our president and our vice-president and their families in their service to us all. finally, we thank you for the blessings of peace and of liberty, we honor the sacrifices of so many in our military and our foreign service and civil service who safeguard these blessings daily and we renew our pledge
5:22 am
as citizens to join them in that noble labor, to always work for the common good. and so help us to set aside self-interest and to meet one another on the common ground to which you call us. you generous god have given us so much and we humbly offer these gifts for the good of others and for your greater glory, amen. >> mr. vice-president, are you ready, sir? >> im, your honor. >> please place your hand on the bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me, i joseph r biden, jr. do solemnly swear. >> i joseph r biden, jr. do solemnly swear. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true faith
5:23 am
and allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office of which i am about to enter. >> the duties of the office of which i am about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so help he me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you, your honor. [applaus [applause] >> there's the vice-president, officially sworn in and in the ceremony tomorrow, and that's the official swearing n still with us, bret baier, came out without a hitch. >> indeed, it doesn't have to be redone the last time with chief justice roberts who did
5:24 am
a second time, as you'll remember, the first inauguration for president obama, but this moment, let's listen in. >> thank you, what a wonderful and honor it was and how much out of her way that the justice had to go. she's due in new york, she has to leave right now so i apologize, we're going to walk out, her car is waiting so she can catch a train i hope i haven't caused her to miss and i am leaving with, and going and meet the president to do the traditional laying the wreath at the tomb over in arlington and having breakfast, i'll be back they tell me in 40 minutes and i hope some of you will still be here, but i thank you, very, very much for sharing this morning with jill and me and madam justice, it's been an honor, a great honor, thank you. enjoy breakfast this afternoon. [applause] >> okay. you heard him there, to her appearance later in new york
5:25 am
at book signing. >> her book, by the way called "my beloved world" came out last week and you heard the vice-president say it's an honor and it's the first time a hispanic person has administered the oath of office so we just watched a historic moment. >> you know what, guys, it's important to note that vice-president biden as ed mentioned, is positioning himself, he is getting ready, you know. after we get ready to hear the president speak tomorrow and after probably some early fights to try to get big pieces of legislation done and there won't be that much time before the focus will be on 2016, the focus will be on this man, vice-president biden and what he plans to do. and the focus will turn to secretary clinton and what she plans to do. and what the democrats plan to do. the new york governor, andrew cuomo and maryland governor o'mally and who they've put forward. the vice-president biden is
5:26 am
clearly thinking about it. in fact, he was at an event last night, the iowa state society inaugural dance, the gala, and he spoke briefly. he took the stage, according to newspaper reporters there, and with his sons bo and hunter, and he said, quote, i am proud to be president of the united states, but i'm prouder of brach-- i mean, excuse me and then he start today laugh and then the entire place broke up and he said i'm proud to be vice-president of the united states and prouder of the president barack obama's vice-president. he caught himself, but he clearly is thinking about it. >> sure. >> with the iowa crowd. >> steve: he's not just positioning, he's practicing as well today. and today was, a point which he would refer to as a big ceremonial deal at the observatory. >> brian: brent, we got a rehe
5:27 am
previo -- reprieve from the vice-president cheney and george bush kind of liked that. and this is traditional from walter mondale on down, seeing the vice-president i want the top job next, al gore. >> yeah. >> sure, and it's something that i think is expected and biden has not been hiding the fact that he is seriously considering it. >> alisyn: right. >> obviously, talking about it in front of iowans. >> and john mccain has so humorously pointed out the job of vice-president is sometimes not that rewarding, so if it's not a shoe to the presidency, joe biden has seemed to enjoy it frankly, as you know, got a lot of laughs in the last four years, some intentional, some unintentional and today no different. >> and president obama has given him high profile roles and negotiations with congress
5:28 am
that frankly president obama has know the done. he has a much better relationship with members of congress and members on the republican side than president obama does. so, you have to give vice-president biden that and he will likely be used in the upcoming debt ceiling negotiation. >> sure. >> and upcoming fights to come over the sequester and also on the continuing resolution. >> are you surprised bret, three of us on the couch, alisyn using a sports reference, a loose shoe. it caught me by surprise. >> alisyn: i'm unpredictable. >> very unpredictable. >> well, you know what, congratulations, bret you've earned a comp day for working this day. >> fantastic. you know what i really take them all i rack them up. >> we know. >> tune in, and you know what, folks, throw away the remote because bret and megyn kelly
5:29 am
as the president is swearing in in the blue room. >> thanks, bret. >> i'll do more sports, new details in what could be the strangest sports story. i don't call it a sports story. >> he plays sports. >> alisyn: i call it a love triangle. >> you do of. >> there has to be three real people. >> alisyn: this is a love october do octagon, and there are more people who say they were duped. >> the love octagon, sounds like-- >> and are you, too, staying with your goals to stay healthy. don't worry, nicky fitness will get you motivated again. >> steve: and more on the inauguration events coming up at our nation's capitol. and live at the white house, where there will be a swearing in just before noon today.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
♪ >> manti te'o trying to put one of the strangest sports stories to rest if possible, by speaking out and saying he was the victim of an elaborate hoax not in on it and word that more people were duped by the same prankster by a woman of the same name who didn't exist. where does it leave the linebacker? were there mistakes along the way that could have avoided some of the circus. former yankees media director rick sirone, trying to put out fires over decades with george steinbrenner and company joins us now. rick, first off, do you agree it's one of the strangest stories you've ever heard. >> without question, this is one of the greatest hoaxes along with orson wells war of the worlds and clifford
5:34 am
irving's biography of howard hughes and maybe paul is dead, but it's mind-boggling. >> brian: a 22-year-old, and the situation where the whole world, sports illustrated and espn major stories, local stories about the death of his girlfriend at a young age and plays the game anyway and notre dame rallies to incredible season with a bad finish and we turn out the story is not correct. what did the notre dame do wrong or the fighting irish a-d and company do wrong along the way to avoid this. >> this is not in any way meant to be an indictment of jack swarbrick, he they don't know anything until december 26th. but an investigation. it's inconceivable to me and anyone in security, sports security, the authorities were not contacted and that the ncaa was not contacted for security help, but maybe that help doesn't exist from the
5:35 am
ncaa. that kid, or that young man, he's not a kid. that young man should have been shut down at that moment. at that moment, going forward, he still was confused and he's taking calls, and they should have said, a security person would have said, you're done. that's it. no more contact. >> just get a look at the timeline, evidently on december 6th a call in florida getting ready for the awards show, i had to fake my death and puts two and two together and says i think i've been duped. but for some reason the athletic directors and others are not folded into this. >> they're not folded into it and keeps perpetuating the hoax maybe unintentionally, he's not sure, confused and we know when he went to the notre dame officials, his coach, hips defensive coordinator and the head coach and athletic director he's still somewhat confused. somebody need toded to get that person from a security person this is how they handle it. they contacted this young man
5:36 am
just days before the orange bowl from the hotel lobby. now, he played that game under some kind of duress. how did that all work out? >> and you say, too, when it comes to athletes like this, no one gets through with rudimentary security, i don't care who it is. give me a scenario, horrendous situation and embarrassing, true, true, true, having said that give me a scenario which you would have recommended how this could have played out before deadspin got the story? >> well, i would have hoped to get some kind of security involved on the 26th of december. but i would have, once their investigation was conducted, i would have made him available and announced this with jacks swarbrick. >> the a-d. >> head coach maybe on one side and manti te'o on the middle whether it's before the orange bowl or want to wait till after the orange bowl, well before they had enough time before that deadspin story broke to say, look, this
5:37 am
is what happened and they're there with him. their plan was to let him announce it on his own. >> brian: right. >> remember, said he was going to do it in a week and-- >> i can't tell you how many stories you're in the middle of huge stories, national stories with the yankees. the last question is this: what happens to him now, if you were working with him today, and goes pro. >> i would tell him to stop talking about this, i still think might think there's something to this. move on. what you're going to have to worry about his time in the 40 and how he handles the tests you're referring to. he's not slam-dunk, he may be the 15th pick in the draft, but i know a 15th round pick, a 15th pick in the draft that, you know, you've never heard of because he didn't compete well. so now it's going to be about the competition. >> brian: as we see with tiger woods, the psychology of an elite performer matters tremendously, even with success he's had, and when things fall apart your head
5:38 am
falls apart. and always great to see you in person, continued success i'm sure we'll have you in the next crisis. let's go to rick, what's happening outside, can't be that bad if you're outside, you don't like the bad weather. >> rick: i don't like the cold weather. not that bad here yet, but get ready. here is what you've got to think. if you think you might be shut in in three or four days, what do you need in your house. you won't want to go outside once the cold snap hits. the temperatures across the northern plains and this is the very beginning of the cold. it's minus 16 right now. actual air temperatures in international falls and it's zero in minneapolis, and that cold is going to stick with us for about three to four days and it's going to spread towards the northeast, by tomorrow, it's cold everywhere in the northeast and remain cold through friday and maybe head out right now and do some grocery shopping and rent some movies, whatever it is you've got to do. take a look at the forecast for the inauguration tomorrow and so many people outside on the mall in d.c., not that bad. the cold front will not have moved through there, so we're talking about 39 degrees at
5:39 am
around 11:30 in the morning, by the afternoon, during the parade and the evening festivities, might see a few showers turning into a few snow flurries and that's as the cold front is moving in. for the most part not that bad after day. take a look at the forecast today. in and around the northeast, lake effect snow and it will be windy as the cold front moves through and it's going to impact everybody with all kinds of wind advisories in effect across much of the northeast, down to the southeast, nice days in areas of florida, but for the most part sunny skies and northern plains, the problems with the cold in place now and gets colder tomorrow and remains cold tuesday and wednesday, and finally across the west, plenty of sunshine, and we do have a little bit of air stagnation issues going on. all right, steve and ali, to you. >> brian: thank you very much for the air stagnation issues. . >> steve: meanwhile, january 20th. what happened, alley.
5:40 am
>> alisyn: i made a resoluti resolution. if your new year new goals, we have a solution, nicky fitness is here with us, and nice to see you. >> nice to see you as well. >> alisyn: we have ideas we can juice up our resolution. >> speaking of juice, food is as important as fitness and cereal, right, frozen meals now, these are amazing, 280 calories and they are delicious and i say why spend an hour chopping vegetables and cooking and do one of my fitness dvd's for 30 minutes, showers, four minutes in the microwave. >> steve: you throw the bag in the microwave. >> it's delicious and fruits, vegetables, beans. >> steve: a healthy pizza. >> for the guys, the super bowl is coming up bar cued chicken pizza. >> alisyn: this is going home with steve. you love the yoga mat because it's made from national material. >> rubber trees, instead of plastic, a lot of yogis are
5:41 am
eco centric and they like things to be environmentally friendly and thick, so helps with knee issues and great colors for guys, maybe not purple, but slate blue. >> alisyn: talk about the very cool workout outfits that can double as something else. >> how many times have you been travelling wish i brought a bathing suit and-- >> constantly. >> so, this is more for the girls, but you keep these, these are sports bras and workout underwear that double as a bathing suit. >> alisyn: astro sportswear, affordable. >> steve: the only clothes you ever need and you mentioned your videos. >> military wives workout, hard core abs, quick workouts, 30 minutes, more bang for your buck. >> alisyn: and before we get to this you love this underwear for working out. >> i train a lot of people who recently had a baby and they're lined so they're avoiding the leakage area. >> alisyn: very nice.
5:42 am
>> not worrying if you just had a baby. >> alisyn: and these are cool, too. >> if you have the winter blues, go orange. and these are super light, super bright and i think they're-- and get commitments when i use them to work out. >> steve: are these in my size? >> and only $17 to $20 for these by tina. >> all of this stuff on the website, nicky and on the blog. >> alisyn: nice to see you. >> steve: the campaign team that got president obama elected twice now allowed to accept corporate money? is this just a way for the president to push his political agenda in the next four years? we'll answer that. >> alisyn: this adorable little boy was eating dinner at a restaurant with his family when another customer made fun of him for having downs syndrome. wait until you hear what the water did. he's here to share his story next. ♪ why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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>> fox news alert for you. we all just witnessed vice-president joe biden being sworn in for a second term in office and in less than four hours, president obama will take the official oath of office in a private white house ceremony. fox's john roberts is live at the west front of the capitol building, that's where tomorrow's inauguration will take place. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. 11:55 the president will say the 37 words of the oath of office and hopefully correctly this time. a short ceremony as we saw with the vice-president. a big show at the west front of capitol tomorrow on the inauguration platform. the second time around is always different for a president and this will be no different. back in 2009, there really was a watershed moment in american history and this one will be shall we say, more town to earth. and half the number of people expected than in '09 and 6 to
5:47 am
800,000, taking place at a part of toxic partisanship on capitol hill, but the inauguration of chairman chuck schumer believes that things are going to be get better in america and told me yesterday he thinks that big changes are ahead. here is what he said. >> a large partisan difference, it's not just in conference. the american people are more partisan than there used to be, but i think that politicians know how people feel and know where the votes are and the people are saying, yet together. >> reporter: so at the same time as we're hearing from chuck schumer there, you can see the president on the other side of the screen heading to arlington national cemetery for a nine o'clock wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown. despite what senator schumer said there is still a pretty tense environment here in washington and imm after the inaugural ceremonies up here on the platform, they go inside for the traditional
5:48 am
inaugural luncheon where the president, speaker boehner and majority harry reid will be sitting down at the same table and wonder what that environment is like. i asked former bush white house chief of staff andy card about that remembering back to 2001 after that controversial election, and what the environment was there, here is what he told me. >> i suspect it will probably be a lot like the atmosphere that george w. bush experienced in his first term of office, it was a little bit chilly and cold, but at the same time, you can't help, but be wrapped up in the excitement of an inauguration. >> reporter: of course, that's what this really is about. celebrating american democracy on monday, tomorrow, the big question, what will the environment be like on tuesday morning, alisyn. >> alisyn: well, that's absolutely right. there is a lot of environment, john. thanks for showcasing that for us and we can always hope for bipartisanship. thanks so much, john roberts. >> reporter: good to see you. >> alisyn: you too, over to
5:49 am
steve. >> steve: thank you very much, ali. the campaign team that got president obama elected twice now reorganizationed into a tax exempt political group to push the president's second term agenda. the team now named organizing for america-- or rather, organizing for action, ofa again, and campaign advisor robert gribbs, jim messina, david axlerod and stephanie. and joining us is jedia. >> good morning. >> steve: has a presidential campaign team ever organized as a political action group. >> this is unprecedented to do this as a tax exempt group. they can take unlimited d donations and corporate donations and don't have to disclose. the campaign came forth and said we'll disclose, but they're not obligated to do so. i think it's a pr marketing machine the president can sell
5:50 am
his ideas and public opinion behind him and mobilize everybody who had gone out for him in '08 and 2012, push the messages on gun control, immigration and key issues. >> steve: of course for the last five years ago ofa, obama for america, has been sending things out and now, magically, ofa is now organizing for action and is he ththe gigantic mailing list. >> the g.o.p. isn't countering with anything, they don't have a pr or marketing team to counter this. >> steve: nobody does. >> no one does, but thises what he does best. a great campaigner and understands the idea you need to sell your ideas to the people. once you get public opinion behind you, you have a great capacity to push this legislative stuff through. >> steve: one of the trouble things though, corporate money and unlimited money from donors, and you know, who is putting the cash into this campaign? >> right, well, that's what we're going to see, i'm expect
5:51 am
to go see a lot of environmental groups coming forward, i'm expecting to see a lot of people who have investment in what barack obama might do. and the issues i expect to come forth first are going to be environmental issues like gun control and immigration, i expect this to push hard lift. he's the community organizers and understands now to do it and if he's going to sell the ideas, he's going to do a lot of convincing and targeted very much towards young people and the youth of america and how they're going to be the next generation of really promoting these ideas. >> of course, the first thing he's promoted since he's been reelected was gun control and his polling numbers, gallup numbers have gone down ten points because a lot of people don't like it. >>'s not going to let that happen because he's concerned about his legacy and public opinion. he's going to be tough on this one. >> and next four years-- >> g.o.p. get with it.
5:52 am
>> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: and next up, a tip for you, don't mess around with waiters from texas, this guy praised for standing up to a man who was making fun of a kid with down syndrome. that waiter joins us next. what do we want to build next ? that's the question. every day. when you have the most advanced tools, you want to make something with them. something that helps. helps safeguard our shores. helps someone see through a wall of fire. helps those nowhere near the right doctor stand a chance. ... feeling in the extremities ? no. technology can do that. who can tell me the third life cycle stage of the frog ? it can take a sick kid to school. nathan. tadpole. and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy.
5:53 am
the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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5:55 am
>> here is an it tip for you. don't mess with waiters from texas, michael garcia is winning praise from across the country for denying service to a table after they made offensive comments about a special needs child. >> joining us right now is that hero waiter, michael garcia. you've been there two and a half years and you put your job on the line and what did you actually see and witness with a table that was having trouble with that table that you-- we just showed that little man there? >> i actually saw, sir, an
5:56 am
individual who clearly is probably-- has a fear of the unknown. he said some things that were derrogatory that were completely unacceptable and my personal feelings took over. >> you know milo's name because this family that has this special needs kid who we're seeing right here, they're regulars in your restaurant, right? >> yes, ma'am. they're like family, as all our customers are are, just like our family. >> when you heard somebody insulting milo, you obliged by moving them to a different table, they said they didn't want it sit near a special needs kid. that special needs kid need a special section of the restaurant so you moved them and heard an offense comment. the man said it in front of his own children. >> yes, ma'am. it's the need to protect a beautiful child with down syndrome and all the children
5:57 am
with down syndrome in the world and be more compassionate towards people and upset me because he is like my own little brother, like my son, that's how i feel about him. >> so you told them to hit the road. you didn't know if were you going to get fired or not. someone everheard it and what did the management of your restaurant, lorenzo's say when they got word about this incident? >> well, i'd have to tell you, there's been such -- this thing is huge, it's huge, and they were actually -- they could -- they wanted to agree with me as management point of view they couldn't, but on a personal level they did agree with me and supported me and supporting milo and it's just a wonderful thing, just a wonderful thing. so, i mean it's just been amazing. the public has just reached out tremendously, it's overwhelming and i just want to thank every single person that's sent us a message that's called the restaurant,
5:58 am
yes, ma'am. it's been amazing. it's been amazing and all for milo, all of this is about milo and every special needs child in the world. >> and what you did to protect him. >> alisyn: you standing up for him michael garcia. thanks so much for coming in and telling your personal story, it's great to meet you. >> yes, ma'am, thank you so much. >> brian: and lorenzo's for michael. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
5:59 am
6:00 am
when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away
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if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back. in is a fox news alert for you because you are watching president obama and vice president biden there at the tomb of the unknowns. they are about to teak par abon the ceremonial laying of the wreath. >> let's listen in and put the music down.
6:02 am
[drum roll] ♪ [taps]
6:03 am
♪ [taps] the president the first time we had a chance to see him
6:04 am
today. >> that's right. >> a little bit at 11:55 ear time he will be taking his official swearing in to be president for the next four years. the emotional moment there as you think about the soldiers who ar are nameless but not foregotten. an armed guard sitting there 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. >> part of the tradition of inauguration day. today they are officially sworn in but by statute tomorrow will be the ceremonial swearing in. they don't do it on sundays because the courts and other institutions are closed. they were escorted by the joint forces capital region commander by the name of michael s. lenington who is a major general. >> it is so powerful to watch all of the ceremonies. it is not the excitement of four years ago that was such a milestone for our country
6:05 am
still watching democracy in action it gives you goose bumps that our country works so well every four years and democracy s intact and.ttacke >> and a beautiful view overlooking, washington. you can see the capitol and washington memorial. not far are from there is the white house where wendell is. a little less than three hours from now it will be the president's turn. >> taps we heard for the men and women who gave the last measure of devotion. the ceremony honoring all those who o keep the country free and especially the 68,000 now serving in harm's way. a simple ceremoniy at noon in the blue room in the white house and again in the west front of the capital tomorrow with 800,000 people and a big parade.
6:06 am
one columnist leakenned it to a couple that gets married in city hall and reenacts it for guests. by tradition the big ceremony isn't held on a sunday. the vice president took the oath of office at his residence at the naval observatory within the last hour. he was sworn in by justice sonia sotomayor. the first to swear in a vice president using a babel that has been in the biden family since the late 1800s. >> i do solemnly swear. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> that ile is support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> justice sotomayor took the precaution of writing out the oath of office and reading it unlike chief justice john
6:07 am
roberts who did it from memory and actually flubbed the oath of office at the capitol so they did one privately at the white house. it was scheduled earlier so that justice sotomayor could attend a book kining she had scheduled in new york. it doesn't stipulation a time for the vice president as it does for the president himself. we just heard the president and vice president at arlington national cemetery. they are headed back here to the white house and we expect the vice president to attend the president's swearing in at noon. >> so wendell, the only rule is they have to swear him in by noon, right? >> they have to swear him in at noon i believe. >> the constitution strangely doesn't mention a barnes and noble event. >> no mention of a barnes and noble book signing but then the constitution doesn't specifically mention justice
6:08 am
set may either. >> did we get a choseup look? did justice sotomayor are use that bible or was it her are book that she had joe biden. >> it was another book. it was the biden family bible. we have really condensed the bible. we haven't made it shorter just get the typeface shorter. look at the size of that bible. >> 1870 something. >> do solemnly swear. >> this was just one hour ago. >> there must be pictures in it. >> joe biden was surrounded by 11 members of his family and there were 120 invited guests for the festivities at the naval observatory this morning. >> we do have other news to tell you about so let's get to your headlines right now. yemen military officials say 8 people killed in two suspected u.s. drone strikes late last night. one identified as ismal ben
6:09 am
jamil. algerian officials say more bodies found inseed the bp gas plant. at least 23 host tajes killed including one american. two americans are still missing this morning. the crisis ended when the algerian army attacked the plant, killing 32 militants. president obama said in a statement that thiscy tack is another reminder of the threat posed by al-qaeda and other violent extremist groups in north africa. the president says he will work closely with algeria to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> mark strom senior the 57-year-old married man there you see accused of bank rolling the operation. speak out for the first time. he denies knowing anything about the so-called brothel but he admits to cosigning a loan for the studio and other things.
6:10 am
>> we did have intimate moments. but it is not what i would consider roman take. >> there was no candle light apparently. he denies paying for service is from wright. her alleged client list included 150 men, some well known around town. >> that is embarrassing. >> it is. >> katie perry bringing fireworks to the kids inaugural concert last night in washington. ♪ >> the star studded event cohosted by first lady michelle obama and joe biden honored america's military families. >> to america's military kidsers make no mistake about it you all are an important part of the greatest military on earth. >> the first lady unveiling her
6:11 am
are new hairdo as well. >> we never got to hear usher. we just saw him dance. >> what is going on with that. >> i think he put his 2007 hit called usher. >> and the cast from glee they performed apparently without sound. >> can we see usher before we are done? >> a request to the control room. >> we will have usher play us out in just a moment. >> very good. >> meantime, as the president of the united states at noon today, around noon officially takes the oath of office what do you want to see in the next four years? a brand new fox news poll out. and you you know what you want? you want washington, d.c. to stop the out of control spending because it has gotten awful. teak a look at the polls. we have it on a full screen right here. take a look. the top line is government spending being managed carefully or out of control. now, it is 83% people say out of control. back four years ago shortly after the president was sworn in about the time voting for the stimulus, only 62% of you
6:12 am
thought it was out of control. fast forward now, we have seen washington in action. it is 21 points high arer. >> there was a time when we shut off the deficit clock. remember? it was at zero. >> that was a new york city blackout. >> that was not a good trendline that we showed you and obviously the president will be tackling that in the next four years. >> how about the next three months because he is not going to raise the -- they are not going to raise the fiscal ceiling unless he gets together a budget and a way to reduce the deficit and a plan that we all agree on. >> and the house leadership decided you know what we are going to go ahead and we are going to raise the debt limit for three months but the senate is going to have to come up with a budget which something they have not done in many, many years. here is the big question, in 20 seconds will we see usher? >> will we hear usher? >> we will fend out. we'll try it.
6:13 am
>> president ronald reagan told americans to look forward in his second term. >> we the present day americans are not given to looking backward. in this blessed land there is always a better tomorrow. >> will president obama be taking notes as he puts the finishing touches on his second inaugural address. michael regan is here next. >> he was there then. is this the key to solving a decades old cold case? that story ahead. and now, brian, just for you. usher last night in d.c. ♪ ♪ tonight is a special night so let me see you clap yourak hands ♪ ♪ tonight is a celebration bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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6:16 am
president obama is putting the finishing touches on his second inaugural address but should he be taking a few notes
6:17 am
from former president ronald reagan whom he has quoted many times? >> when i took this oath four years ago, i did so in a time of economic stress. voices were raised saying that we had to look to our past for the greatness and glory but we the present day americans are not given to looking backward. in this blessed land there is always a better tomorrow. >> the son of president ronald reagan and founder of reagan .com michael regan joins us live. we saw your father in the row continue da of the capitol. i was covering his inauguration back in the day. they moved it inside because it was how cold outside? >> 7 degrees. so they called off the parade. they called off everything on the west side of the capital and moved everything that they could inside the rotunda. needless to say there was a lot of people disappointed because they had come to watch and see a great parade and
6:18 am
inauguration. >> absolutely. all right. with your father's first term it was all about fixing america. now, as this president stands on the precipice of his second term what was your father's second term all about? >> he mean the second term, if you look at the first term he knew he had to phoenix the economy -- to fix the economy of the united states to get on with what he really wanted to do is saving the world. the second four years the better len wall ends up coming down and we get together with the russians. some things happened in the second term but they were based on the first term because he knew he had to get the economy of the united states in place in order to fund the next move with the administration. >> great success. are you astounded as many on the right are are that since this president won reelection he really hasn't stopped campaigning and he really has continued to lambast the republican party?
6:19 am
>> my dad never just held a press party to lambast tip o'neill and the democrats. interesting, his inaugural speech back in 1985, second enagarics there is a line in it -- inauguration there is a line in it where he says i am shortly going to give my budget to the congress of the united states which will freeze spending are for the next year. you won't hear that today. >> what -- if the president, we know that he is in the limousine right now but if you were helping him out with what he should say tomorrow in his official ceremonial inaugural address from the west front of the capitol building, what would you like to hear this president say? >> talk about inclusion. you heard ronald reagan, my father it was about the america people a cheer leader for america, the greatness of us and lifting us up and not talking down to people but lifting people up. i think the president of the
6:20 am
united states needs to start doing that, not only press conferences that lambaste the republicans because he disagrees where they are going befinned a way to embrace them. if he doesn't find a way to reach out and be inclusive in that way the second four years will be a disaster for him and a disaster for the united states of america. >> a lot of pundits and historians say in the second term reelected presidents don't get that much done. your father got a a lot done in his second term. >> he got a lot done in the second therm. the whole thing with the russians. the cold war ending. all of those things happened in the second term of ronald reagan. this president he still thinks he is in his first term. my father solved the economic problem in three years it didn't take him eight years so he was able to do the big things in the second four years but again it was the first four years that absolutely set those things up and so the president
6:21 am
has to choose the big things he wants to true youly he accomplish not the fights he wants to get into but the big things he would like to accomplish and embrace the other side to come in to help him accomplish those things. look what bill clinton was able to accomplish with newt gingrich in his second term. so much was accomplished. same thing with ronald reagan and tip o'neill. they didn't get along politically but still they needed each other to accomplish what they accomplished. if barack obama does not reach out to john boehner and the republicans they will accomplish absolutely nothing. >> well, let's just hope that the past is prologue. meekle reagan the founder of reagan .com. thank you very much for joining us today, sir. >> thank you. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour on this sunday morning. they can fight for our country so one lawmaker says 18-year-olds should be allowed to drink with their mom and dad's permission. should that decision really be left up to the parents? that debate coming up. ever wish you had some help
6:22 am
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6:26 am
turn 16 and throw her the keys to the car and go here, honey, drive any more than i'm going to have her 21 and hand her a bottle of vodka and say go. >> good. then you say they indabassically your argument is that they need some practice and good to be able to practice with your parents. jen, do you like that idea? >> first of all, any 18-year-old really wants to go out drinking with mom or dad. i'm not so sure about that. what you saying is you can have a beer can dad on friday but can't have one with your friends on saturday night. it is a conflicting message.
6:27 am
either lower the drinking age for everybody or wait until they are 21. >> in reality, the world is full of mixed messages. the other reality is that in 29 states minors already can drink with their parents. the only thing that this changes is that they can drink with their parents in establishments that serve liquor that are not private residences. this is already happening. >> you make a good point. in fact, in colorado where this state senator is proposing this, it is legal to drink at home with your parents. if your parents are supervising it they can serve alcohol to their children at home. jen, is that okay? >> i also don't think that is a great idea either. i mean we are putting into parents hands things that maybe shouldn't be. i mean i would love for my 15-year-old to drive. it would make my life a lot easier. i can't because in new jersey it is 17 to drive. there are laws for a reason.
6:28 am
so don't leave it up to the parents. >> jessica, what should be the parent, the parents ideas and authorities versus the state? >> it is absurd to say there is laws for a reason. there are laws against spitting on the ground. but let me tell you something if you you you have gone for a ten mile run you have spit on the ground. now, the reality is that 67% of american teenagers have been drinking. so do you want them to learn it from their friends or would you like them to sit down with you and have is a burger and a beer and say to them, no, honey have half of it. or don't have a second one. and see how that feels. so that kids know that drinking can happen without it being a binge. we cannot expect that -- you don't get to make rules for your 21-year-old. they are long gone by then. >> jen, very quickly, you don't like the parents having the ultimate prerogative here.
6:29 am
>> you can teach without showing. you teach them sex ed without showing, right? >> actually, i think that. >> i think they do demonstrate putting on condoms so i would beg to differ there. >> this segment took a different turn than i was expecting but thanks for the provocative debate. great to have you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> do you find this magazine cover offensive? news week comparing president obama to god? let us know your thoughts. notre dame star manti te'o may not be the only one that was duped. several people came forward saying that they knew his invisible girlfriend. ♪ here is my number so call me maybe ♪ ♪
6:30 am
6:31 am
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♪ welcome back. it is sunday, not monday. we have already gotten e-mail. uh-oh, i overslept. what a day. what are those guys doing here. >> it happened to me yesterday. you guys we were not sleeping together, none of us but i was sitting there and i locked at my clock and it said 5:30 in the morning. and it did not synch in my h head i wasn't supposed to be at work. >> i got up and i said what
6:34 am
could he possibly say for being this late. and i was like wait a second, it is saturday. >> good excuse. >> so i went back to bed. >> i was going to keep it to myself. is any one watching? >> if you get up at a certain time every day and particularly i guess i'm talking to the mailmen out there and milkmen if you get up early you develop a thing where we get up really early in the morning. i was often times wake up two minutes before the alarm goes off. a couple of years agorgeous i woke up and locked at my clock and it was two minutes before i was supposed to get up. i showered and shaye shaved ant on my clothes. it was saturday. saturday morning. i was the first guy in line at home depot. >> i can see alisyn on the coach going there is four of you. >> it as little crowd. >> speaking of something that someone did every day and the
6:35 am
broadcast journalism industry. >> good segue. >> there is an anchor who made it his personal mission. he decided when president obama was inaugural rated four years ago and it was such a watershed moment for the country he decided that he would write a letter to the president on that day and then something happened and he ended up writing a letter to the president every single day for the past four years. he didn't take time off for holidays or weekends. >> this is what i have to say about this, mr. tom foreman at cnn, emmy award winner, you must not have much to do over there. if you wrote and i read a number of the letters. some of the letters probably took an hour or are two. >> no. >> oh, yeah. take a look at them. they have posted on the cnn website all 1,460 letters that tom foreman wrote to the president. some this is what is going on in the news. some of the stuff that sounds like he is trying to be helpful to the president making suggestions and things like that.
6:36 am
and every single one of the letters signed off with call me when you can if you want to it. regards, tom. the president after 1460 letters never called him. >> right. >> and we don't even know if the president ever read the letters. >> he said he started it as a lark and it became a challenge. he said by the second year it became very hard by thinking every day about the president and become more aware of how in tractable repetitive issues pressed down upon anybody who takes that job. >> he s retiring this little hobby of his. he thinks since he hasn't heard from the president he wasn't sure the president ever read a single line. he will not do it for the next four years. >> i wonder if he ever wrote president bush. >> you would think he would reveal that. >> his fan letters to the president have curtailed as of today. meanwhile, you know him as manti te'o and he is the guy who had the imaginary girlfriend for three years. she was the love of his life
6:37 am
and we now know, of course, the picture on screen left is of a woman in california. she had no connection to it but we know now apparently one of his old pals is the guy who masterminded it. we don't know if manti te'o himself was this on it. >> the information this morning makes it sound like he was completely duped. he sent on hearing of her death he sent two dozen white roses to the address that she had always provided him and it turns out it was the home of the guy who perpetrated the hoax. and not only did he perpetrate the hoax on manti te'o, now more people, that is him hiding right now from a camera last night, more people have come forward to say that they too thought that she existed and they too formed relationships with her. one was just a la platonic. the hoax was elaborate and
6:38 am
spanned many victims. >> rick serrone a p.r. expert and crisis management expert he said he read the entire jeremy schap interview. he did give up his checking account. he was asked for his checking acunt number. if you are are about to play a game and you realize that you have been duped and you told the whole world about it don't you think it will affect how you play. i think this exonerates him and makes people revisit their real world and their virtual world. but i will say this. miss south pacific of 2007 she had the same relationship with the same fake person by the same fake name, a cousin, too of the alleged perpetrator of this four years ago had the same thing by the same name. they were all taken in by this. >> reunderand this that riannah apparently told espn that he was behind it or manti said
6:39 am
that is the guy and he called me and he apologized. that is a picture of him outside h his parents home i believe in palm dale, california. going forward with the nfl draft, though, if that guy is not able to make as much money in the draft as he might have been able to, you know, this whole hoax thing cost him millions o of dollars, i wonder if he would have a legal case in suing that guy. >> if would just bring the whole thing up again. >> if you are missing millions of dollars because you are the victim of a fraud. >> new information coming out about it every day. the real ramifications will as well. >> if they do have a trial she will not take the stand. >> the imaginary girlfriend. i'm not so sure about that. a tragic ending to a utah family's camping trip. two brothers dead after being caught in an avalanche. the family had been snowmobiling when three of the children were swept away. one did is survive but their 14 and 17-year-old sons got
6:40 am
purerie -- buried in more than three feet of snow. >> one of the search and rescue members told me for him this is the call he has been dreading for 30 years. >> the boy's dad found them and dug them out but they were air lifted to a local hospital and it was there that they eventually passed away. doctors are testing brain pacemakers to try to fight off alzheimer's. tiny wires are implanted in the brain and they send a constant electrical stimulation signal to the area responsible for memory hoping to keep those area active longer. doctors are hopeful this approach will be successful because drugs are only a temporary solution for most patients. not just a work of art. a sculpture just might help solve a murder missste mystery. it is the sculpture of an unidentified man who was found murdered near a state highway
6:41 am
nearly two decades ago. a a forensic artist made the life like rendering. cops are hoping someone will recognize it and it will crack the cold case. >> on a lighter note. a look at this video. doing the laundry is not really a chore when you have a purrfect helper. dirty socks, shirts, whatever. this kitten leaps into the air whenever its owner launches laundry at the basket. this racked up millions of hits on you tube in a matter of days. we are is not sure if the kitten then loads it into the washer. >> that would be catastrophic. >> nothing like cat amper video. >> we are leading the world with this. do you find this magazine cover
6:42 am
offensive? newsweek comparing president obama to god. and they have been out of their home since superstorm sandy destroyed it. how in the world was one long island couple's power bill $500 if nobody is home? >> that couple here to share their fight against the long island power authority, next. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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6:45 am
just one month after moving into their dream home on long island this family lost everything to supersandy. not everybody is upset about it. to add in is salt to injury the family received a lipo bell for over $500 despite the fact that they weren't even living in
6:46 am
their house. they were angry. joining us now you are seeing the family who took the matter into their own hands. you kept the story from the kids obviously. [ laughter ] >> they are cute. >> so introduce your children. >> this is gracie. >> and riley. >> 7 weeks old. congratulations. >> 7 weeks old. >> they do an estimated bill but you just moved in how could they do an estimated bill. >> we just moved in so we don't know. we closed on is september 28. they could have been there is september 27 or months prior. but we received our bill i think in december for november. and it -- i think it was about $300 and then we got another one for a little over 2. so we were totally around $518. and we knew something was wrong. >> you had no pow oa power howd
6:47 am
you possibly be paying that money. >> that was surprising. right after christmas i went out and i read the meter and did the math and based on my estimates we probably should have been some where around like 200 or so but by that point we were up to over six, seven hundred bucks. >> our local fox affiliate took action on your behalf and started pounding on lipa. >> they did. >> what happened about of this aired. >> 15 minutes to a half hour before the segment aired on fox 5 we got a call from the executive offices from lipa saying that someone had come to actually check the box january 10 and they apologized for everything that had happened and they were going to rebill us from september 28 to january 10 based on actual usage. >> look at how your house got pounded. three foot of water and came from every angle. >> it did. >> over 150,000 families affected. i think there s a message here, too. you got to go and find out and
6:48 am
take a look at your bill and pursue it, right, michael? >> you can't assume that everybody is going to do the right thing even if you have been affected by the storm. and you got to kind of watch out for yourself. >> how are you guys doing now? >> we are got. i mean we are all happy and healthy an and we have two beautiful girls. >> we have the baby here and hopefully we will be back in the house within a couple of months and we he had just moved in so we didn't have a lot of time to get attached to all of the stuff in the house. >> and now we he have a tag on our website where you can learn to read your own meter. you did, michael. long island power, go read the meter at long island and that will be on our website, too. >> and i think for people to be proactive and make sure that they are not paying for anything that they are not using especially victims of sandy is a great thing. >> aggravating so know that you had no power at all and you are getting billed for power that
6:49 am
you couldn't possibly access by a company that wasn't turning it on for some reason. >> exactly. >> thanks so much for sharing your family story with us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and later i hope i get to meet riley as she gets older. we'll visit every year around this time. >> for sure. >> coming up straight ahead, president obama will use two bibles during the second oath of office and the swearing in will include prayer. why is it important to keep religion in the inauguration? father jonathan weighs in next. first, let's weigh in with martha mccallum. >> good morning to everybody on this inauguration sunday as the president prepares for day one of ceremony. new fox polls show his approval ratings compared to that of the nra. interesting numbers. we will show you those. and president clinton with a warning to democrats where guns are concerned. america's newsroom on a special
6:50 am
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♪ time for quick headlines. a man accused of leading a family drug ring in the u.s. caught in mexico. he has been sent back to arizona to face charges of drug trafficking and money laundering there. the 29-year-old is accused of importing and selling nearly $5 million worth of pot, and the first lego hotel in the u.s. is getting ready toe open in california. the hotel will have life sized lego bell shops, chefs and a dragon in the lobpy. i wonder if the bell hops can actually carry your -- >> do anything. but only small pieces at a time. >> each room has a lego theme and plenty of legos to play with. it is set to open in lego. >> i have been to lego land in
6:54 am
california. >> i don't think the bed would be comfortable. lumpy. >> as president obama gets ready to teak the oath of office for a second term take a look at the cover of newsweek. an online verse. online version. calling the president the second coming. they also had a god reference in their 2010 cover as well. >> does the religious come pear son cross the line? >> i will take it from here? fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. welcome back. >> i thought you wanted me toent deuce myself. >> i prefer the pregnant pause. the pathe pause is what i buily career on. >> don't pronounce my name reit either. >> i thought you would be the forgiving man but maybe not. >> he has to pull the curtain. >> are you upset by the cover? >> i think it is a proof once again, that the american people are very religious and so newsweek is trying to sell their magazine. what do they do? make most of us very mad and then they make those who are
6:55 am
trying to get rid of religion and spiritual expressions in public out of the public square they make them very happy. it is about selling magazines. unfortunately they are not selling very many and that is why it is online and not out on the street corners. >> they are trying to be provocative and play up what was felt the first time around when there was all sorts of references but this feels a little tiring. >> a little low i would say. >> of course, it does come out when the president is being given the oath of office for a second time. interestingly enough, throughout american history, prayer has always for the most part been included in inaugurations. >> right from george, washington, went to a prayer service the morning of his inauguration here in new york city down at st. paul's chapel. and ever since there has been morning prayer services since 1937 the inauguration has had a benediction invokation and we will have. it is wonderful and the president will use the bible swearing in his oath.
6:56 am
wonderful thing. there are people in other society trying to get rid of that. cable news hosts famously last week saying that we should have no in vocation and no benediction and no bible because nobody believes in that stuff anyway. one of the great books that i read in my life is by a historian a frenchman who wrote it in 1837 and came over to the united states of america and said what is making this american experiment so successful. he said two things. one is that the preachers throughout this land are preaching basically the same message of responsibility to god. the second thing, a spirit of entrepreneurialship. read that for me. >> car watch. guy are are brewer. tatoo. >> and barber shop.
6:57 am
>> and affordable prices. >> and hair braiding. right at the bottom. they buy cars all at affordable prices. the american experiment. traditional as it is to be entrepreneurial. i put it on my facebook and twitter because i love it. >> i would have gotten the tatoo. i'm not going to tell you. we also have the great american tradition of religion and spirituality done in a public way. we will see it today and i congratulate the president for doing it. >> and thank you very much for joining us. >> did you like the connection. it was hard to come up with it. >> the relationship. >> what can i take a picture of. >> i have faith that you will come up with it, father. >> stick around. two >> that's all?rt >> two minutes away. ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
6:58 am
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